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Vitae Glass Mini 8 Arm "Jellyfish" Tree Percolator

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This Mini 8 arm tree perc has quite the resemblance of a "Jelllyfish", with 8 arms coming down the side and a large dome for its head. Unlike traditional tree percs, these arms are fused directly to the floor for added durability while the slits are vertically cut for a touch of elegance and a more streamlined airflow.

The "jellyfish" perc can only be truly admired up close and in person. These percs are a great addition to any 2 piece setup and will bring your smoking experience to a whole nother level. 

NB: You need one more connector ring to attach this to your regular set.  


Glass Thickness: 5mm 
Wall Diameter: 50mm
Percs: Mini 8 Arm Slitted Tree Percolator
Material: Laboratory Grade Borosilicate 
Height: 3.5" (9cm) perc area / 5" (13cm) with caps
Volume: 2.5 fl oz (75ml)


1 x Mini 8 Arm Tree Percolator
2 x Cleaning caps
* Connector rings sold separately

Water Level

Fill until all slits are covered by 1/4" of water. 

Adjust the water level according to personal preference.


Images are for reference only. As each piece is individually hand-crafted, slight variations can occur.

By purchasing this product, you will help plant one tree.

Made from non-porous laboratory grade Borosilicate glass. It will not absorb odors or chemical residues.

Plant 1 tree