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Puffco Proxy Vaporizer

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 "The more perfect the approximation to truth, the more perfect is art."

No ap-proxy-mation comes as close to perfection as this dab vaporizer from Puffco. This device implements modern dab technology with a classic twist, so you can sit back and enjoy your concentrates with the feel of a traditional pipe in your hands. The modular vape has a sleek glass body with an ergonomic design.

Innovative 3D Chamber technology ensures that no precious material is left behind by heating on all sides of the ceramic coil, rather than just the bottom. With four pre-set heat settings, the Proxy Vaporizer is perfect for taking smooth, flavorful hits or ripping huge clouds. USB-C charging keeps the Proxy fully powered and ready to go.

In The Box:

  • Proxy base
  • Proxy chamber
  • Glass pipe exterior
  • USB-C charge cable
  • Metal loading tool
  • Disposable dual use tools
  • Carrying case