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Puffco New Peak Pro

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Puffco New Peak Pro

Unparalleled Performance:

  • Elevate your hash experience with incredible flavor and performance
  • Unlock the fullest potential of the plant

Customizable Experience:

  • Personalize sessions with a single-button interface
  • Deep customization options via the Puffco Connect app

Patented 3D Chamber:

  • Innovative design ensures optimal heat distribution
  • Delivers a consistent, satisfying experience

Enhanced Filtration:

  • Joystick Cap and laser cut perc slots improve water filtration
  • Enjoy smoother hits

Precise Temperature Control:

  • Real-time temperature control
  • 4 preset heat profiles for your preferred experience

Extended Battery Life:

  • LED indicator and large ceramic 3D Chamber
  • 40 heat cycle average battery life for prolonged use

Fast Charging and Connectivity:

  • Quick 20-second heat up times
  • 2-hour fast charge time
  • Bluetooth app connectivity and wireless Qi charging

Comprehensive Bundle:

  • Complete setup with various accessories included
  • Enhance your session experience

Legal & Exceptional:

  • Designed for legal purposes
  • Compatible with a range of accessories
  • Provides a unique and customizable experience