Smoke Drop


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  • Glass
  • Compatible with the Puffco Proxy
  • Clear/Transparent Glass
  • Proxy vaporizer sold separately

Also Known As

  • Proxy Attachment 
  • Clear Proxy Attachment 
  • Proxy Crystal Sherlock Pipe Attachment
  • Hand Pipe Attachment


Trying to up your Proxy game?? Check out our latest Proxy Crystal Sherlock Pipe attachment piece. This piece comes in one color option, and it's made from Clear, Transparent Glass and is to be used with the Puffco Proxy. 

It is a hand-pipe attachment piece that is sure to be a stunning pipe to add to your Puffco accessories! It has a charming, minimalist design that leaves you feeling distinguished and is sure to impress at the sesh!


Puffco's Crystal Classic Pipe is another proxy accessory you should consider buying.

Keep your attachments clean by following the same guidelines to clean your rig! Dab Rig Cleaning Guide 101: 4 Easy Methods To Clean Wax Rigs


Can this Puffco attachment be used on the Puffco Peak? 

No, this product is designed specifically for use with the Puffco Proxy.