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MJ Arsenal Ruby Terp Pearls (6mm)

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MJ Arsenal Ruby Terp Pearls (6mm)

Experience an enhanced dabbing session with the innovative MJ Arsenal Ruby Terp Pearls. Crafted from lab-grown synthetic ruby, these 6mm spheres are designed to optimize your dabbing experience by improving airflow, oil flow, and temperature control for a consistent and enjoyable dabbing experience.

Unique Features:

  • Made from lab-grown synthetic ruby: Ensures durability and excellent heat conduction
  • Optimizes heat retention and surface coverage: Allows for bigger, flavorful dabs at lower temperatures
  • Enhances flavor and quality of concentrates: Improves the overall dabbing experience
  • Compatible with all concentrates: Ensures versatility in use

How to Use:

Simply add the pearls to a cool bucket, heat normally, place your dab on the pearls, and enjoy a smoother hit with increased surface area.

Maintenance and Care:

Regularly clean the terp pearls with isopropyl alcohol and store them in an ISO Station for quick, easy cleaning between hits. Utilize an official MJ Arsenal dab tray for safe storage and easy access during your dab sessions to ensure longevity for your terp pearls.


  • No, terp pearls are not necessary for using a dab rig: But they significantly enhance the flavor and quality of dabs
  • Synthetic ruby terp pearls are flavorless and inert: Perfect for enjoying the true taste of concentrates
  • Terp pearls are available in various colors and materials: Including synthetic quartz and lab-grown ruby
  • Store terp pearls at room temperature: Avoid thermal shock for longevity