Smoke Drop

Bubbles Signature Vase Bong

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There is something magical about Bubbles.

Perhaps it’s her iridescence or her perfect science, or perhaps it’s the desire to hold a bubble in your hand for as long as possible.

Our newest vase Bubbles is an effervescent trio of stacked bubbles, both modern and simple, both stylish and functional.

This trendy new vase bong is ideal for frequent use with her playful fit in your hands. For those of you that love to see your smoke rise through the bubbles of your bong this piece is sure to bring you joy; and since there is no such thing as too many bubbles we decorated this vase with a metallic bubble spray and topped her off with a large clear bubble bowl.

Included with your Bubbles My Bud Vase®

•  Bubbles Vase Bong
•  H: 8 inches W: 4 inches
•  3” Fixed Down Stem
•  Large Clear Bubble Bowl
•  Metallic Grey Bubble Floral Spray
•  Black and Gold Cloisonné Poker