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Missy [00:00:05] Welcome to Pothead Parent, where we're not only packing lunches but packing bowls. Just a mom and dad. Maybe some of their cannabis loving friends sharing the ups and downs of parenting while being so much fucking more. Thanks to Mary Jane. Not sure what all that means. Neither do we. So let's grab your favorite piece and let's see what happens. Hi. 


Derek [00:00:26] Good evening. 


Missy [00:00:28] I know this is weird. We're in our house and having to record on our own at night. 


Derek [00:00:35] Yeah, this has taken us, like, five days to finally sit down. And record this. The kids are sleeping behind us in this hall. The kitchen's over there. 


Missy [00:00:46] You know, I really love our new house, though. 


Derek [00:00:48] And it's great. 


Missy [00:00:49] It's taken us quite some time to get here, though, for sure. 


Derek [00:00:54] Yeah, we moved, what, in the last three weeks of July. And I think we came to Vegas August 1st. It's what, September six? 


Missy [00:01:03] Yeah. 


Derek [00:01:03] Six. 


Derek [00:01:05] Think September 6th. 


Missy [00:01:06] Yes, September six. 


Derek [00:01:07] That's we've been here for about a month. 


Missy [00:01:09] US isn't saying. Do you love it? 


Derek [00:01:11] I love it, you know. Still weird that we're here. 


Missy [00:01:14] I know. I feel like we never get to have, like, that actual conversation of, like. I don't know, like how you actually feel about it or how I feel about it. And I'm really loving it too. The weather is amazing. 


Derek [00:01:27] It's been hot as balls. It's been like 105 or 100 and 405 for the last. 


Missy [00:01:31] I haven't enjoyed it though. 


Derek [00:01:33] It's fine. So the big difference is the humidity. We've had a lot of people back home. 


Missy [00:01:37] In Buffalo asking. 


Derek [00:01:38] Us how the hell you deal with the heat. It was 96 degrees the other day and the humidity was 16%. And back home in Buffalo, it was 68 degrees and the humidity was like 72%, which is nuts. 


Missy [00:01:50] That's insane. No, thank you. 


Derek [00:01:52] It's like opening up literally. Like opening up a stove. 


Missy [00:01:55] I don't get sweaty. 


Derek [00:01:57] No. It's like you're sweating and you don't know it. And then all of a sudden, your back's, like, soaked. 


Missy [00:02:01] Really? Yeah, but, like, my hair doesn't get crazy. Like, there's no humidity. 


Derek [00:02:06] Yeah, my beard stays fine, thank God. 


Missy [00:02:08] Right. 


Derek [00:02:09] I mean, a shit. 


Missy [00:02:10] Show, but, I mean, what would we do without that beard if you've never seen it? You need to follow us on Instagram at Pothead Period. Plug that in. But like, for real. Derrick's beard is kind of epic. It's really sexy. 


Derek [00:02:26] It's September. It's technically going into the winter season, so maybe I'll just roll this thing out. 


Missy [00:02:30] Oh, my goodness. You totally can too, because it's. 


Derek [00:02:32] Football season officially. So officially a Thursday is officially football season. 


Missy [00:02:37] Do you start it like fun and just say, fuck it? Playoff beard. 


Derek [00:02:42] Oh, and it's going to be gross. 


Missy [00:02:45] Oh, my God. 


Derek [00:02:45] Because I know my beard starts curling out this way and that way. I can't. 


Missy [00:02:49] It's gross. What if we did a full shave and then you grew it out of. 


Derek [00:02:52] Our control and put a gun to my head? That's not happening. 


Missy [00:02:55] Chill. Chill. Til I mean, I would love to see you. I mean, I've never seen you bare ass in pictures. In pictures, but that's pretty. 


Derek [00:03:06] Beardless. When we. 


Missy [00:03:07] Met, you had full. 


Derek [00:03:10] Scruff. 


Missy [00:03:11] Well, no, it wasn't like that. Like big ass scruff that you get, like. It was full. You had a fill? 


Derek [00:03:17] I don't remember. 


Missy [00:03:17] Exactly. So. 


Derek [00:03:20] It was a long time. 


Missy [00:03:20] Ago in that cult. And I was like. 


Derek [00:03:22] This comb spot on my rug. Red swag. Hey, Arnold. Swag. What else is on the hood, isn't it? 


Missy [00:03:26] It's clear Nickelodeon can make it. 


Derek [00:03:30] Hey, buddy. 


Missy [00:03:31] Stop it. What do you want? TV. What do you want to. 


Derek [00:03:35] Watch when I watch Mickey Mouse. Well, where's the remote? I don't know. 


Missy [00:03:41] We'll do a quick couple here. We'll find the remote. I feel like we have finally realized the convenience of having our own office at home is nice, but the kids just wake up and. 


Derek [00:03:58] Don't know how people work. I know this is nuts. Sorry for the brief interruption. We thought the kids were sleeping, but they weren't. Well, Gavin was. Jackson wasn't. 


Missy [00:04:10] Happen. 


Derek [00:04:11] We think he's sleeping in his room, but. Can't really see him anywhere in there, so he's in there. 


Missy [00:04:19] So I think that we need to go through our little adventure. Cause it was three days long with two toddlers, and we went across the country. 


Derek [00:04:33] Not much really happened, but it's a lot of poopy diapers. I was at shows literally. 


Missy [00:04:41] And there at that stage where the toddler twos I mean, Jackson's almost three and he seems to be getting worse. And then Gavin is almost two and he just copies Jackson. So I don't really know if it's the terrible twos or if it's like both. I know it gets insane. But anyways, the whole trip, they did great considering the fact of we went through how many states. 


Derek [00:05:16] One, two, three. We did New York. I had to write this down. New York. P.A., Ohio. Indiana. Illinois. Iowa. Nebraska. Colorado. Utah. Arizona. Nevada. That's a lot of states. It was like 32 hours of driving, I think. I think I drove about 4 hours of that. 


Missy [00:05:34] You did carry. 


Derek [00:05:35] This message over the other 28. 


Missy [00:05:39] Did I take your driving? Did I take, like, a couple man points from you for that? No, no. 


Derek [00:05:44] Not really. Main points. But I just can't drive. I don't know what it is. I just. I literally fall asleep. I go out. 


Missy [00:05:50] Yeah. 


Derek [00:05:51] Just getting this, like. I think there's, like, a thing for tunnel vision. It's like a road something. 


Missy [00:05:57] Yeah, I feel like. I mean, you only need it to about. 


Derek [00:06:00] You get hypnotized, you start doing this thing, and you, like, literally can't keep your eyes open. It's horrible. 


Missy [00:06:05] Yeah. You made it to Erie P.A. And then. 


Derek [00:06:08] I got, like, an hour, and then my shit expires and I'm done. 


Missy [00:06:11] I know. And you tried a couple more times after, like. 


Derek [00:06:14] No, the last trip I drove, which was like four or 5 hours from. 


Missy [00:06:18] Excuse me. 


Derek [00:06:19] Utah. 


Missy [00:06:20] Mhm. 


Derek [00:06:21] To here. 


Missy [00:06:22] Yeah. You did pretty good. That was good. And I knew it by that point because I had no motivation to get though. 


Derek [00:06:29] Other than that. Yeah. I can't stay awake. 


Missy [00:06:31] It was a really beautiful time. 


Derek [00:06:34] No, I just can't stay. 


Missy [00:06:35] Awake, you know? But it was a really beautiful drive and. 


Derek [00:06:39] With 30% of it wasn't from New. 


Missy [00:06:42] York, but he made up for it. 


Derek [00:06:44] No, Utah. What's before you? Yeah, Utah. 


Missy [00:06:48] I mean, the Rockies and everything. I feel like. 


Derek [00:06:51] Colorado is beautiful. 


Missy [00:06:52] Yeah. You couldn't. You can't. It made up for the fact that all those other states prior to Sox. 


Derek [00:07:00] There's just a lot of corn and a lot of. 


Missy [00:07:03] Not even any livestock on any farm. It was just like fucking threw away prison animals. 


Derek [00:07:09] No. 


Missy [00:07:10] I didn't see my house. 


Derek [00:07:11] I didn't see shit. 


Missy [00:07:12] It was boring as fuck. It was really boring. And then too, like, I'm not going to lie. I feel like stress level has been at like 5000 for months. All of this. I know that we've just been testing, like, every, like every bit of us has been tested. Yeah. Between even our marriage, us, the kit, everything. This has been a very intense month and a half, but I feel like things are starting to fall into place a little bit. 


Derek [00:07:46] You get everything thrown at you? 


Missy [00:07:48] Yeah. 


Derek [00:07:49] Relocating? 


Missy [00:07:50] Yeah. 


Derek [00:07:51] Financials. 


Missy [00:07:53] The House needed to still be for sale. 


Derek [00:07:55] You know, financials, song stuff, people doing different jobs, different roles. Mhm. Like I'm at home now 40 hours a week. I'm never at home. It's like. All right. 


Missy [00:08:06] I can keep it together. 


Derek [00:08:07] For a couple of hours. It's like, don't take me wrong. You're getting it wrong. I love it, but it's it's totally different. 


Missy [00:08:14] You definitely need I feel like you're still getting into that adjustment to. 


Derek [00:08:19] Oh, yeah, it's going to take a while. 


Missy [00:08:20] Yeah. 


Derek [00:08:20] Been 30 days. I was doing what I was doing for ten plus years. It's. It doesn't just happen, I mean. 


Missy [00:08:26] Right. And then, I mean, the only other time that you've walked away from the car business was when you went into the military. Yeah. How many years ago was that? 


Derek [00:08:39] 12 years ago. Ten years ago. 


Missy [00:08:40] Insane. Lexington, you were lucky enough. Well, yeah. But you were lucky enough to head to Buffalo for, like, a couple days last year. What was it, a couple of weeks ago? 


Derek [00:08:52] You had to go home, uh, close up the house, make sure everything was cleaned up. Just, you know, get everything squared away, pretty much. But everything went around pretty smooth there for three or four days. 


Missy [00:09:04] I know it's a totally different world, isn't it? 


Derek [00:09:07] Yeah, it's different. And it's not like I hate it or anything. I don't know. It's just. Different. 


Missy [00:09:12] Yeah. I mean, I'm noticing, too. Like, the people here are just totally different. 


Derek [00:09:19] The people here are pretty cool. It's funny because like the mass, the vast majority of people that we talk to or say hi to, I feel like three quarters of them just moved here, like the last two years. 


Missy [00:09:30] Yeah. 


Derek [00:09:30] I had another o the dispensary one too today. Okay. Why don't you guys open, like, three months ago at my fucking. Everywhere I go, everything's brand new, which is huge. 


Missy [00:09:38] But, yeah, a lot. 


Derek [00:09:40] Of people moved here in the last year or last two years. 


Missy [00:09:43] Yeah. Literally as like from I mean, you get the outskirts of like the city of Las Vegas or the strip pretty much. And, you know, there's all these beautiful neighborhoods and areas or whatever. But as you get closer to the mountains, it just gets newer and newer and newer. And it's just like these communities that they've created out here, it's pretty cool. 


Derek [00:10:10] It's pretty cool. 


Missy [00:10:10] I know like they're very much into creating space for family. I'm the sidewalks, the playgrounds. I mean, even making sure that there's like shelter over the playgrounds in the kids aren't like. 


Derek [00:10:25] It seems to be hot out here. 


Missy [00:10:27] Yeah, it does get really hurt. 


Derek [00:10:28] Given what about a week ago is outside, just standing there looking at it and it's just like we're like, hey, bud, what's up? And he's just scream it. We didn't know what to do and realize his feet were burning. You know, we're new to the heat like this, but, yeah, his feet were burning and it's 104 on a can. Imagine how hot it is on the cement. 


Missy [00:10:46] I know, but I mean, anyways, the. I mean, we were talking about the area that we're living in and everything. I just I don't know. I've been happy here. It's pretty cool. I'm pretty happy here. 


Derek [00:11:04] And I really on this trip, you definitely meet some weirdoes if you want to meet some weirdoes. Not to. 3:00 in the morning is a good time to just kind of walk down by like the Bellagio and kind of the whole strip, cause it's some girl walk around with her tits hanging out, just. 


Missy [00:11:16] Literally. 


Derek [00:11:17] Like, sir. Those are 2 a.m.. That was like 2 p.m. on Lake. Lake, I guess Sunday in the middle of the day, walking with the kids down the strip. And we're just kind of like. That quiet too. You can hear most mouse fart just walking around with. Good for you. Have fun. Whatever. Still no clue. And are protesting anything. No shirts, no signs. 


Missy [00:11:37] Don't know. She just literally walked. She was walking around and just being like, you know, what's that? 


Derek [00:11:40] That's her hanging out. 


Missy [00:11:41] She's a beautiful girl. Like, just like. 


Derek [00:11:43] What else do we run into? 


Missy [00:11:44] You know? 


Derek [00:11:44] Walked up on a guy, get knocked the fuck out. It's crazy. Use that as a planet in Hollywood. Well, she goes down to planet Hollywood. I found. 


Missy [00:11:51] Out. They literally just had like I mean, the floods happened the second we got here. 


Derek [00:11:56] That's usually our M.O. for whatever reason, wherever we leave, something happens. I don't know why, but. And this guy was laying there, like, just out. I think he's like, it's french fries all over the place. His pop was all over. We're with her parents. We walk up, I'm like, Uh, let's get the fuck out. Sure. Shit. There's some dude coming here on the phone the other way. He's like, Man, this motherfucker got knocked out. He goes, and then their bitch ran over him with a wheelchair. Sure. Shit. There's a lady was, like, spinning circles near him with a wheelchair, and I'm like, What the fuck? 


Missy [00:12:24] We've just mismatching here is insane. 


Derek [00:12:26] Yeah, you can just see some wild shit. What else do we see? 


Missy [00:12:30] I don't know, but I need to talk to you. And we need to bring up the fact that. Okay, so back to, like, how we got here. So we went through all the states, then it ended a we got an Airbnb and Derek, I swear we go through the craziest fucking shit things that we don't even like do. 


Derek [00:12:50] And. 


Missy [00:12:50] Scenarios. Yeah. 


Derek [00:12:52] I don't. Why? Because fuck you. That's why. That's just my motto. 


Missy [00:12:55] Whew. So, okay, so we decided to do an Airbnb so that we had time to search for our house while we were here and see, you know, just giving it time rather than rushing into it, especially with the kids. If it was just me and Derek, I would have lived in a fucking box. But with Jackson and Gavin, we just wanted to make sure we had more space for them and a backyard and everything. So we decided to get an Airbnb. We get this. Airbnb works out just fine. We're there for about a week or two. Don't we gotta move out. And he goes through some fucking crazy shit. This is how it happens for me on my end. I just get a call cause he's packing up the car. So I have the kids in the Airbnb with me, and I get the call. These like, get your shoes on, get out here and you go from there because those was playing. 


Derek [00:13:53] Why we go to leave. I just can't explain it because get so I get in the stupidest scenarios and literally laugh because I'm like, Just fuck off. I go to pick up a U-Haul because we're leaving from the Airbnb or the place we're at now. I pull and this is a gated community. You need a code to get in and you have to wait for the fucking big doors to open to get in. Yeah, the signed parking spots and everything. So I pull and I pull loopy loop a park sideways across, you know, the parking lot. There's no one there. Everybody's at work. I put the look around like, Mm, looks fine. I put the flashers on, and as I pull in, I think about this. I know there's a guy with a tow truck down by someone's colonel's apartment. Fuck, it sucks. So I park my car. I put my flashers on. I got food for the kids because they were fucking screaming. 


Missy [00:14:42] Right? It was great. You're just coming up to give us a run off with this. 


Derek [00:14:45] I think I dropped in food, took a piss, gave her a kiss, went downstairs. I'm coming downstairs and I can't even make this shit up. Like, I come downstairs and I'm like. The fuck it was that like it took that long. Like, I just. I blacked out. I'm like, can I fucking help you? He goes, Yeah, I'm towing your truck. I go, The fuck you are. He goes, No, I go, Bro, you like to fucking seconds to put my truck time of week the fuck out, like, who are you? 


Missy [00:15:17] So he had the truck up. All right, just like this fucking jack in the truck. Go with the. 


Derek [00:15:21] U-Haul on the back. My truck's lifted as it is, so it's sitting like this. It's all right this way. And then the fucking U-Haul is going the other way. 


Missy [00:15:28] Even notice that I. 


Derek [00:15:30] Was fucking pissed. So anyway, I come out. I try to reason with this fucking guy. I'm like guy I don't like. Why? Why are you towing my truck? You still haven't answered me. You're parked in a fire lane. I go, This is a gated community. What the fuck are you talking about? My truck, I swear to God. Was maybe the size of my foot on a red curb. I looked at him. I go, Are you fucking kidding me right now? I said, I apologize and my fucking kids needed food. What the fuck do I park? So he starts giving me fucking attitude. I went bananas. But anyway, he gets to. He goes to jump in his truck. I go, Where are you going? He goes, I'm towing your truck. I go, Oh, we're going for a ride, motherfucker. So I jumped in the truck, sit like this on the tow truck, eight feet in the fucking air. And I called the fucking police. I said, This guy's trying to steal my fucking truck. Then he tried to get me to pay him to drop the truck. He's trying to extort me for money. Long story short, the fucking cops show up. They go to talk to this guy. Next thing you know, he's getting slammed on the hood of the car. He's getting handcuffed. I'm like, You got to be fucking kidding me. You know, she's over here, like, what the fuck is going on? So anyway, the guy wouldn't give him his name. He wouldn't give the cops where he worked. Nothing. And I'm like, Do you see my fucking problem? Long story short, it's just about like an hour. Then he course goes, I want the supervisor, you know, the new fucking thing to do when everybody gets in trouble. So we had to wait for the fucking supervisor to show up. 


Missy [00:16:50] For, like what? The house or the police. 


Derek [00:16:53] So any time someone gets arrested just to delay them going to prison, they ask for the supervisor. 


Missy [00:16:57] What the fuck is a supervisor? 


Derek [00:16:59] The guy that's on duty, that is the cop's boss. That has to come over and say, Oh, yeah, he's doing the right thing. It's a fucking joke. But I'm not kidding. This is like a two hour fucking process. The cops standing next to me, and he's obviously understanding what's going on. They uncuff the guy. I'm like, Oh, this is going to be awkward. All of a sudden, the cop walks back to me and I go, This is where you tell me I owe you $140. He goes, Cash or credit. I go. This place sucks balls, huh? I go, What the fuck is with this place? So, mind you, $140 I paid was well worth the fucking entertainment of watching this guy get arrested. Now, I was kind of pissed my car was lifted up, but the guy's little try to fucking steal my truck and extort me for money. I said, Bro, I don't know what the fuck you guys do around here. If this is Buffalo Bill, a whole different fucking story. Like, for. 


Missy [00:17:48] Sure. 


Derek [00:17:48] Totally different fucking story. 


Missy [00:17:50] No. Two. I feel like. I don't know. I feel like we just. Kids are really just concerned in mind. 


Derek [00:17:56] You said, and I tell the cop, I go, I was calm as fuck afterwards and I said, Seriously, can I just get his name? Just so I have record of what's going on? He looks at me like this. They go, Oh, this is where you tell me I can't get his fucking name. And he said, Yeah, I got this guy. Here's my fucking credit card number, my name, my address, my phone number, my VIN number, my plate number, my picture. 


Missy [00:18:18] That funny? The only thing in. 


Derek [00:18:19] My Social Security number and I can't even get his fucking name. 


Missy [00:18:22] And it's like you've already heated a moth. 


Derek [00:18:25] So then I told the guy, This is all documented. I can't rebut it depending if the thing was on. But anyway, I said, so let's just say this guy decides to follow me out of here or wait for me and decides to find me and my family. And I had to say to hypothetically kill him into the camera. I go, how do I know who I'm killing? He goes, Well, that's a pretty you know, it's a long shot. I go, It was a pretty big words to fucking say nowadays. 


Missy [00:18:49] Save. 


Derek [00:18:50] Bullshit on my fuckin kids. Why wouldn't I say that? 


Missy [00:18:53] I know. Say hypothetically. You're okay, dude, I believe you. I was fucking. Some times you get to these points where you let the colleges out, and I was far too hard. 


Derek [00:19:02] Well, no, because, again, you know, a lot of law enforcement are like military. I have a ton of friends that are fucking cops. We were all the same mentality and vice versa and they would probably agree with the majority of them. But I feel. 


Missy [00:19:14] Like always get half your stories, by the way. We're talking about, well, you know, heat of the moment. I only get half the story. I had no idea some of that shit in your. 


Derek [00:19:21] I got pissed. 


Missy [00:19:21] Off with the other guys. 


Derek [00:19:22] I said, okay. I said, so let me ask you a question. I was like huffing and puffing. I said, no, let me ask you a question. I said, You're me. You just moved from New York to Vegas. Your family's in there. Some dude just tried to steal your fucking truck. The cops don't really seem to give a fuck. And now everybody's taken off. What do you do, kill? And he goes, Oh, I get it. I go, No, you fucking don't. I said, I used to have a gun concealed here in New York. No, I don't have one in Nevada. I do. I do. But again, now in Nevada, you can get your concealed carry in 60 days, which is fucking mind blowing. 


Missy [00:19:51] I know you're almost there, bro. 


Derek [00:19:53] Yeah. It's weird. We're like residents, but we're not residents. 


Missy [00:19:57] I know. 


Derek [00:19:58] It's kind of a limbo thing. 


Missy [00:19:59] I know. It's crazy. 


Derek [00:20:00] I guess everything the DMV here, it takes, like, 60 fucking days to get in the place. 


Missy [00:20:05] I know. I got, like, you. It's been really nice. So it's just a totally different shift in our dynamic, even in home, in our house. Right. So it's like, you know, you would go to work every day and you're doing that since we met before then. You know what I mean? That was our that was your M.O. in our house. And so then now it's like we both are working, but majority of the time it's like me journaling away at the computer because I mean, that's just what this is. And now it's like you take care of the kids, you setting up, ah, these appointments at the DMV the other morning I get a fucking like notification text message. It's like, damn, the appointment October 20th. I'm like, Am I reading that right? A fucking month from now is when I finally get an appointment. 


Derek [00:20:58] Yeah, everything runs to the DMV. I guess everything. 


Missy [00:21:01] Like everything out here is insane. 


Derek [00:21:03] Yeah. You have to get a smog check. 


Missy [00:21:05] What the fuck is there. 


Derek [00:21:06] As you pull into some booths and they, like, put a meter by your fucking exhaust and then give you a sticker? 


Missy [00:21:11] Someone looked at me like I was fucking insane when I said Pop. 


Derek [00:21:15] Oh. Are they called sold out here? 


Missy [00:21:17] Oh, I think we're the only people that call them up. 


Derek [00:21:19] I'm not fucking. 


Missy [00:21:21] If someone could please let us know. Are we the only people I know. 


Derek [00:21:24] That's a. 


Missy [00:21:24] California. 


Derek [00:21:25] Can't even think about that. 


Missy [00:21:26] But is it a California thing too? 


Derek [00:21:28] Let's see. They don't do slices of pizza in here. You've heard me bitch about this forever. Actually, no, I haven't. Bitch about this on a podcast yet. Just online. 


Missy [00:21:34] Yeah. 


Derek [00:21:35] I'm a pizza freak. So, Buffalo, New York. We are known for a bunch of things. We're drinking for drinking town with a football problem or a football team with a drinking problem. One of the two is the chicken wing was invented in Buffalo, New York. True story. You can look at Buffalo, New York, or try to call the buffalo wing, not the chicken wing. The buffalo wing. 


Missy [00:21:54] Might be like good wings. 


Derek [00:21:56] Our pizza bomb. It's not your New York's thin crust greasy. Some of. 


Missy [00:22:01] It is. I like New York. 


Derek [00:22:02] I don't what she does. I don't like the thin crust, greasy stuff. I like the. 


Missy [00:22:06] Donut like I like it crisp. 


Derek [00:22:07] Crunchy crust off. 


Missy [00:22:09] I love it. No, thank you. Shout out. 


Derek [00:22:11] To Franco's. Franco's is probably my favorite pizza in Buffalo. 


Missy [00:22:14] Yeah. Really? 


Derek [00:22:15] Hands down. Yeah. Fat, crunchy, fluffy crust puck. 


Missy [00:22:19] Yeah, I know. Maybe we need to get Franco's deli to send you a slice. 


Derek [00:22:23] Thinking if freeze dried stuff out here, shut. 


Missy [00:22:25] The fuck up. I was. 


Derek [00:22:26] Eating pizza four days a week and I've had. 


Missy [00:22:30] This fucking cocky. As bad as pizza. I swear to God, I tried to make him pizza. I just like a quick one just to like, shut him the fuck. 


Derek [00:22:37] And Mr. Jim's the other day. Well, whoever owns that, please stop serving pizza. 


Missy [00:22:42] Derek GROSS. Derek, we're in Vegas, you know, fuck with the Italians out here. 


Derek [00:22:48] There's no no Italians in New York. We're all set. The fucking pizza sucks. Sorry. Tick off the menu. We need to open a place. 


Missy [00:22:55] Well, I mean, this brings. 


Derek [00:22:56] Me back to. I'm saying there's no slices of pizza out here. You can't just go like in Buffalo and lunch. I used to go over and get this was a two slices in a pop for like fucking six bucks. I walked in the one place I said, Hey, can I get a slice? Yeah, I thought I spoke Spanish. I go, although it was all like, Oh, slice of pizza. He looked at me. I was nuts. They don't do slices of pizza in this place and nowhere. 


Missy [00:23:16] You don't speak their language at that point. 


Derek [00:23:18] Yeah. He's like, Do we have to order a whole pie? 


Missy [00:23:20] You know, I've never, like, walked in, like, so I. 


Derek [00:23:22] Hope I. 


Missy [00:23:22] I know like you don't see that like, stacks in, like you just go in, but we just same one throw in and we got. 


Derek [00:23:28] The Hoover Dam. We found that one place had slices. 


Missy [00:23:31] Somewhere like along those lines and. 


Derek [00:23:33] Extra parents are with this went to the Hoover Dam we found that one random place. 


Missy [00:23:36] Oh yeah. 


Derek [00:23:37] A hole in the wall place. It's been there for, like 30 years. A good pizza. 


Missy [00:23:40] Thank you. Got to talking. 


Derek [00:23:41] I know. 


Missy [00:23:42] It's just know it's a little. It's just more my love. 


Derek [00:23:45] Still trying to figure out. 


Missy [00:23:47] I know we were new to this. We're trying to. 


Derek [00:23:49] What do you think to the Mona Lisa? Is this so big? This kid piece so much smaller. 


Missy [00:23:55] Like was other models. 


Derek [00:23:58] But why is this so big? 


Missy [00:24:01] Well, you can go pick out your own ship. 


Derek [00:24:03] Samson, I want to talk to Samson. Perfect. I want to talk to the guys that made this. 


Missy [00:24:07] Movie as a. 


Derek [00:24:09] You're a fucking stoner. You don't even. 


Missy [00:24:11] Know what movie that is. Oh, I do know. I embarrassed. 


Derek [00:24:13] No, you don't. 


Missy [00:24:14] What is it? Right. No, it's not. 


Derek [00:24:16] Maybe it's. How high? 


Missy [00:24:19] Oh, I suck. 


Derek [00:24:21] Get me some Cheetos, some Fritos, some burritos, and some of that shit we used to eat back in the day. 


Missy [00:24:26] I've never posted. 


Derek [00:24:27] Some of that, too. 


Missy [00:24:28] I've never seen that movie. What the fucking shit. I know. I think we need to see that we should do laser serving night half baked. No, they say. How high. Yeah, I'm. 


Derek [00:24:38] High. It's half. 


Missy [00:24:39] Baked. Yeah, you are. 


Derek [00:24:40] Half baked with fucking Chappelle. 


Missy [00:24:42] It is so nice. 


Derek [00:24:43] To talk to. 


Missy [00:24:43] Sampson. He can get high again now. Here. 


Derek [00:24:46] Yeah, that's great. Sorry. 


Missy [00:24:47] Right. Uh. 


Derek [00:24:48] Yeah. So instead of, like, in Buffalo, I mean, there's a ton of weed everywhere, but, like, you can't buy a ton of what you want because you don't really get a good price until you have to buy, like, a quarter pound of weed at a time. Which. 


Missy [00:24:58] Right. You can't just try to get the stuff you've. 


Derek [00:25:02] Seen and stuff like right now I want to, um. Where the hell did I go? Green dispensary, the brand new. They've been open for, like, three months. Mm. Place was great, but I went in there and you can get up to an ounce of flour a day. At her dispensary. 


Missy [00:25:20] I was like, Well, you got to finish the quote. 


Derek [00:25:23] Yeah, I was building the suspense. So if this is Derrick's dispensary and then this is Mrs. Dispensary, and then this is Joe's dispensary, you can get an ounce here. Go knock on this door. Get an ounce. Knock on the door, get another ounce. So no one really fucking cares. 


Missy [00:25:41] Uh oh, I see. Yeah. 


Derek [00:25:42] So you can get an ounce of her. But the reason I'm saying that is, instead of going to, you know, your buddy in, hey, get me an ounce of fucking, you know, I we were out here or whatever the fuck it's called. You can go to a dispensary and get, you know, eight different eighths of weed and trying different things and it's going to be cheaper and you're going to get way more fucked up because it's all different stuff. 


Missy [00:26:03] Right. 


Derek [00:26:04] Strawberry, Sequoia as my new thing. 


Missy [00:26:05] I know I'm a really big fan of. 


Derek [00:26:08] Family thing. 


Missy [00:26:08] But you mind? Yeah, I'm a really big fan of their brand. Even their, um. Didn't we get some chatter or something or whatever the fuck it's called? 


Derek [00:26:17] Yeah, I get chatter from them. 


Missy [00:26:19] I really like the bunch of stuff. 


Derek [00:26:21] Yeah, it's, it's really good. 


Missy [00:26:22] I like their stuff because it, it actually tastes and smells what it says where I've noticed, I mean, there's some, some weed. It doesn't smell like it says no and it doesn't taste like it says. 


Derek [00:26:37] Actually I talk to somebody about that. 


Missy [00:26:38] Right. 


Derek [00:26:39] And a friend of mine's. 


Missy [00:26:40] It's okay if it doesn't, but. 


Derek [00:26:42] And a friend of mine's mom, reach out. 


Missy [00:26:44] Oh, he reached out to you? 


Derek [00:26:46] Well, he reached out to me, which was his mom to call, but, um. Yeah, she's just trying to get into cannabis. Doesn't know where to go. And I was telling her a whole bunch of stuff, and I said, Listen, you're going to walk into this place. It's going to be like speaking Spanish. Like you're not going to know, you know, they're going say, Hey, do you want an ounce of green crack and you're just here for marijuana. I don't want to crack. Like I actually bought green crack today. I forgot about that. They had a six ounces. It's a great sativa, by the way, but I'm just trying to tell them I don't be, you know, intimidated by the names of these things. Some of them are fucking whacked, like, you know, strawberry sequoia actually smells like strawberries, you know, stuff called Kappas. 


Missy [00:27:23] And it gets weird. 


Derek [00:27:24] There's head cheese. It smells like cheese, like, you know, like the small thought of smoking cheese. But I don't know how to explain it. A lot of it doesn't smell like it or what it is. 


Missy [00:27:33] But what's the reasoning for it? 


Derek [00:27:35] It's just the name of whoever grew that, you know. 


Missy [00:27:38] They just came off like 30 years ago or ten. 


Derek [00:27:41] Years ago, however long they, you know, grew. It was sitting there going, this is called, you know, whatever it's in, you know, usually there's a huge genetic line of the plant of, you know, the top growers will tell you. 


Missy [00:27:53] I know, I don't understand, like how the names are like how they have it now. 


Derek [00:27:58] People just name it whatever they want. They just, you know, slip different stickers on it. And now you can't tell what's what. That stuff fucking doing that people. 


Missy [00:28:05] I feel like that's more so in New York though. I haven't been seeing that out here. 


Derek [00:28:10] I'm sure it was out here originally. What do you think they got the idea from probably? 


Missy [00:28:14] Well, yeah, I mean just the fact that though it's probably with recreational non be careful. 


Derek [00:28:19] With that shit cause you know people relabeling stuff put in there's call when they call white labeling. 


Missy [00:28:23] Yeah. 


Derek [00:28:23] You know people put their name on other people's stuff and I heard a guys and I can't remember who the hell it was that like they, their body needed an ounce of, you know, great hay, whatever. And he didn't have enough to fill it. So he threw in, you know, some other stuff. He's like, Why did you do that? He's like, Well, he won't know the difference. He's like, probably gassed up doing this shit. Like, this is why people are, you know, are you telling them you're giving them an indica and they're going to bed? Next thing you know, you gave us sativa. They had that one little board that you just threw in there and now they're up for 5 hours and there. 


Missy [00:28:53] Yeah. And in fact, I don't know, it just. I don't think people put anything into it anymore. I mean. 


Derek [00:29:02] At least with fentanyl or something, fentanyl, they're saying everything. If you're white has white shit on it. 


Missy [00:29:08] Is that what it would look like? 


Derek [00:29:09] One, it's probably mold. Don't smoke that too. It's probably drugs of some sort. So don't smoke that either. 


Missy [00:29:16] I don't know. 


Derek [00:29:17] I don't buy weed in New York City on the street. Don't buy it. Because all of a sudden, like when it gets dark, all of a sudden these guys are selling booze and fucking God knows whatever else in the corner of the street. Do not buy it on the corner of the street, please, for the love of God. 


Missy [00:29:29] I know it gets a little sketchy. When we were in New York City, it does get sketch. That's why I loved that we met Dan. 


Derek [00:29:36] It was great. By the way, before I forget, you had New York City. This history of the whole topic. I literally was texting on my phone, being your typical New Yorker walking around. She was in front of me in like, you know, you just avoid people that you can kind of tell her there. I literally, like, tripped into a dude. I'm like, oh, sorry. I was like, Yo, what the fuck? 


Missy [00:29:55] This dude was literally shooting heroin. 


Derek [00:29:57] Like, I'm not exaggerating either. Like, needle in fucking vein. He's, like, looking at me like, this was like, yo, get the fuck away from me. 


Missy [00:30:04] And then, like, ten feet away was like a woman doing it. 


Derek [00:30:08] Out in a fucking corner. And then the cops are all just standing there like, All right, well, who wants to take turns? You want to go get her and, like, do this cop. Like, it's just. I mean, I mean, there was hundreds of people, like, they weren't even hiding it. 


Missy [00:30:20] Yeah, it was right in Times Square. 


Derek [00:30:22] Yeah. Fuck. Hey, man. 


Missy [00:30:23] It becomes too much to go see some of that stuff, even as an adult, to know that. Like, I don't know how I would feel about taking my kids there. 


Derek [00:30:33] I wouldn't fucking taking her. Right, right, right. No, that was what I saw. 


Missy [00:30:37] I wouldn't even feel comfortable with like as like. I don't know. It's just too much. 


Derek [00:30:42] No. To compare. I mean, compare New York City to Las Vegas, to cities, compare them at night. I would go to Las Vegas right over New York City. It's not because we're here if it's suck balls, I tell you, it's. 


Missy [00:30:52] And I do love New York City. Don't get me wrong, I love New York City. But yeah, I mean, I guess it's not really like I mean, we all know it's not really a kid. Friendly situations. 


Derek [00:31:04] Person, school and. 


Missy [00:31:04] Everything. Yeah, though I know I saw a lot of families. I mean, I guess that was like what sparked a lot of this inside of me too, is like we were. And we've been traveling more and doing all these things and it's like, why don't we experience like we were walking around New York or wherever we were and it's like we're we're checking out, like all these new cities, all these new experiences and, like, seeing the restaurants and the food and like all of this and the people in the kids going to school. And I don't know. Seeing people doing their day to day and, like, walking the streets of New York, I don't know. It sparked something in me to know that, like, I didn't want to just sit in clearance New York anymore or in Buffalo for the rest of our lives, or like in general, like, I want our kids to see all these things in like all. 


Derek [00:32:00] Of our generation. A good chunk of them is going to move. 


Missy [00:32:02] Yeah. 


Derek [00:32:03] And like I said earlier, I mean, probably three quarters of people we talk to have been here two years or less. 


Missy [00:32:08] Right. And not just Vegas. I'm just saying, like, people are moving in, like experiencing life a little differently. And like we've said before, with COVID and shit, I feel like it's definitely allowed us to get. 


Derek [00:32:25] Locked up and save some money. 


Missy [00:32:26] And and so people travel about themselves a little bit. They had to get in their heads. I mean, I think it definitely caused a lot of hurt and pain for some people. But I think through that pain, if they were able to be still suffering. Right. Strong enough, though, to grow through it, I think they're realizing like how much more there is to life in how much more there is to actually living it and experiencing it. And now being able to do that for our children is huge. You being home and being able to work from home with me and like being here with the kids, although I think you're realizing how hard it is being a stay at home mom or dad on. What do you mean you're getting in there? You're definitely getting better at it. But it was overwhelming. It's overwhelming. It's very hard. It's different than just going to work, isn't it? 


Derek [00:33:20] Yeah. I don't know how people work from home with toddlers like I. I have no idea. Like, I just picked up my phone on email. I'm getting picked up. Punched. I got hit the balls today probably three fucking times I am was dropped on the last one like my my bag can only take so much like this is fucking hurts. 


Missy [00:33:38] I know and I do some of the. 


Derek [00:33:39] Bleeding face. Thank God he bit me. Jackson beat me so hard in the shoulder. Couple of weeks ago, the ink. I have a whole sleeve like the ink in my tattoo was scabbed. So he's like, what the fuck? Like the ink was coming through or out of that face thinking. And of course, whatever Jaxson does, Gavin does. But that's a good thinking. 


Missy [00:33:59] Maybe what is. 


Derek [00:34:00] The feel like then maybe you we're in the whiny. 


Missy [00:34:03] I take the physical abuse over the line. 


Derek [00:34:05] Me at that stage. Well never mind. Jackson has a little more different with TV because again he was born during COVID, was in the hospital for. 


Missy [00:34:15] Weeks. 


Derek [00:34:16] And months at a time and that's all we had was TV. Um, yeah, we're trying to wean them off of it. He's pretty good about it, but I mean, he just he has A.D.D., like his mother and his father. So, you know. Bluey, what's this new show he's on today? 


Missy [00:34:28] Oh, my God. Sounds very. Carson Yeah. I thought it was like. 


Derek [00:34:32] Um, it's sort of like a soap opera or something. He's like, start to go, go. Corey Carson I go the fuck. Carson Daly Who? I don't know who the fuck he was talking about. And then he says, PBS kids is this little whispering? Not so fucking best 11 dare PBS Kids with the fucking best thing ever even sillier. 


Missy [00:34:53] It's you sound just like. 


Derek [00:34:54] Our standard outfit in Vegas. There's just been like a diaper and sunscreen. Sunscreen. That's about it. And that's pretty much my outfit. It's no sunscreen, no diaper, just shorts in the hat. 


Missy [00:35:05] But. Yeah, but, I mean, I'm enjoying the thing, you. 


Derek [00:35:08] Know, fucking he calls me clotheshorse. 


Missy [00:35:09] No, I mean. 


Derek [00:35:11] And then we're in the pool. 


Missy [00:35:12] And now we go to the pool or like, whatever, just to get the kids cool. 


Derek [00:35:15] We don't have clothes on that much. 


Missy [00:35:17] I know they're either in the sprinklers in the backyard or in the pool or running around. 


Derek [00:35:22] Yeah. 


Missy [00:35:23] It's. I'm in. I don't know. I'm enjoying the weather. I'm enjoying Vegas and everybody here in a. 


Derek [00:35:28] Balmy 105 this week. 


Missy [00:35:30] Yeah, but I think everybody's been very sweet, very nice, very welcoming to the fact of, like, you tell someone you moved here from, like, New York, immediately they go to New York City, they think. 


Derek [00:35:45] You're from the. 


Missy [00:35:45] City. And then it's like, oh, no, we're like. 


Derek [00:35:48] You know. 


Missy [00:35:49] Earth to the world. Like, say, have you ever heard of the Great Canada anything? And they're like, Oh, and then like 10 minutes later they're like, So do you go to any Broadway shows and you're like. 


Derek [00:36:02] Really count Niagara Falls? And they go, Oh, I go, they go, Oh, you go, there I go. Not going. Been like 20 years. 


Missy [00:36:08] Worth of atmosphere, but. 


Derek [00:36:10] I would tell them. Canada's 20 minutes from Buffalo. 5 minutes from the casino. 


Missy [00:36:15] Yeah, literally. Everybody's super nice, though. Super friendly, super welcoming. And I think it's it has something to do with that whole tourist thing, I'm sure. But at the same time, without being on on the outs. 


Derek [00:36:28] You're assholes on the strip that are tourists. 


Missy [00:36:29] But yeah, but I feel like everybody's been really sweet. 


Derek [00:36:32] To live here. Super cool. I'm really laid back. Chill, like. Yeah, it's not like that. Is the West Coast. Like, I'm sure that's more California. We'll see. 


Missy [00:36:41] But. Right. But that's nothing like. 


Derek [00:36:43] Is very I think a lot of people I can't I feel like you have a lot of maybe older people that are retired that moved here. They're all calm and then you kind of have more to really like guys. 


Missy [00:36:51] So I feel like people are age. 


Derek [00:36:54] So I'm trying to say it. 


Missy [00:36:54] Yeah, you know, hiccups. 


Derek [00:36:57] Like people that are age, that are out here starting their own businesses. Nevada has no state income tax if you didn't know and no Social Security tax. And the sales tax is like four and a half percent. 


Missy [00:37:07] It's fucking crazy, right? 


Derek [00:37:08] Yeah. We came from New York where they tax your tax. So tax these nuts. I'm done. 


Missy [00:37:14] Yeah, literally, they get you for anything and everything at that point. 


Derek [00:37:18] Fucking crazy. I just got. Oh, I just got the last electric bill in the mail. That was fun from here. Here's your final sucker dick. 


Missy [00:37:25] From our old house. 


Derek [00:37:26] Yeah, $450 for electric. 


Missy [00:37:28] Yeah. 


Derek [00:37:28] I'm like, oh, I wasn't there for a month. What are you talking about? Like, just fucking fuck you, nice guy. I want my money back. 


Missy [00:37:36] On New York's sake. It sucks. 


Derek [00:37:38] No sense. 


Missy [00:37:39] I don't know. I mean, it's home. Don't get me wrong. In a sense, it's like it's our home town. Yeah, I love it. I don't think we're ever going back, though. 


Derek [00:37:48] That never seconds say. 


Missy [00:37:50] Never true for you know. But I don't know. Maybe we'll just have a buffalo house. We'll have a Vegas house, we'll have a California, I. 


Derek [00:37:57] Hope, when it becomes legal or or when it becomes more. Streamlined out there. Yeah, that like someone says, hey, we need help doing this or we need ideas. 


Missy [00:38:07] Like, hey. 


Derek [00:38:08] Remember us for coming back home? 


Missy [00:38:09] Exactly. No, I love that. Yeah, I know. You're right. I mean, I would love. 


Derek [00:38:12] To go back and help them because it's just. 


Missy [00:38:14] Really. 


Derek [00:38:14] You could see here, like the suspense. 


Missy [00:38:16] Regency stage. We're in toddler stage in. 


Derek [00:38:18] Vegas out here. I mean, it's completely full blown legal. But like today I went to, um. 


Missy [00:38:22] Recreational. 


Derek [00:38:23] I think it's green Nevada. I'd probably seen it wrong. It's Green Nevada or green envy. The place has been there for three months. You walk in this place? Looks like it's been here for fucking years. Super nice. Quick. Everybody was great. Yeah. How long you been here? She was all three months. Like, been to, um, deep roots. 


Missy [00:38:41] Hers? Yeah. 


Derek [00:38:43] Uh, same thing I love. They opened up on 420. Like, all these dispensaries are brand new. It's crazy. There's a. 


Missy [00:38:47] Lot of there's a. 


Derek [00:38:48] Lot of land out here, obviously. 


Missy [00:38:51] So I know people are opening up and popping up everywhere in California. 


Derek [00:38:55] I can't remember the California dispensaries. We're actually going there in 48 hours from now. 


Missy [00:38:59] So excited. 


Derek [00:39:00] Yeah. The Bills official first, uh, bills game first NFL game is Thursday. So we get the Super Bowl defending champs, the Rams versus the, uh, bills. Who should have, uh, played in the Super Bowl. 


Missy [00:39:10] This will be exciting. 


Derek [00:39:11] Anyway, um, this is very exciting. 


Missy [00:39:14] And then you have ten, 15. 


Derek [00:39:15] People from Buffalo, we know, that are actually flying. 


Missy [00:39:17] Down here. It's getting a lot of people I know. And, you know, they're pretty crazy. I know. We've never gone or I've never been I don't know. I like I've been to a Cleveland game. 


Derek [00:39:26] I went to Denver game. 


Missy [00:39:27] Oh, really? 


Derek [00:39:28] Yeah. My my stadium was pretty close on the field. It was pretty cool. 


Missy [00:39:31] But I think it's definitely different. 


Derek [00:39:32] The air up there 100% like you feel it. It's absolutely wild. But you know, the Bills are playing the Rams, so they're actually favored to win by two and a half points. Yeah, I lose my fucking voice, probably screaming. 


Missy [00:39:44] So I'm excited. Oh, yeah, I. We've never been to a game together, really. Like outside of a suite or a box, like on the side of, like, the stands and everything. Never. 


Derek [00:39:55] No, it was kind of a little pampered, was my, uh. No, not last job, but, uh, in the car business, a lot of places have suites and boxes and stuff, so you get tickets from them and you just kind of get used to it. You're like. 


Missy [00:40:07] You got to see. I love it, but not prissy. 


Derek [00:40:10] It was just be like, Hey, do we have a box? No. Okay, I'm all set. Like, it wasn't like in I'm thinking going like. 


Missy [00:40:14] No, you were. 


Derek [00:40:15] Depending on depending on where we went. It depends. Kanye West, the motherfucker was me like 3 hours of my time. 


Missy [00:40:23] But I did. 


Derek [00:40:23] We were in the crowd for that one and we got fucked. 


Missy [00:40:25] I love. 


Derek [00:40:26] God. I do too. But 3 hours was pissed. 


Missy [00:40:30] I know, but like you had to sit outside of the gate to like, we couldn't even sit it out. We were like that was. 


Derek [00:40:35] There was people not to, but we were the first people up against the elevator. I was like having a full blown fucking panic. 


Missy [00:40:40] Get there. That was bad for you. 


Derek [00:40:41] Oh, that's fucking cool. 


Missy [00:40:43] Yeah, we've been. We've. You've done. I don't know, man. I so I mean, we've checked out quite a bit of dispensaries while our band here. 


Derek [00:40:54] There's honestly so many I can't even like. Yeah the one again green today free advertisement for all of him. 


Missy [00:41:00] You know. 


Derek [00:41:01] Oasis has been great. 


Missy [00:41:02] Um. Planet I want to see that. So there's a couple of dispensaries here in Vegas that we do love, and it's like, I want you guys to adventure past them. When you do come to Vegas. 


Derek [00:41:18] Yeah, we find these places because we just go to random ones. You know. 


Missy [00:41:21] I feel like there are a couple of spots that everybody hears of that are definitely places to check out. Don't get me wrong, if you want to, if you're into that and you're like seeing it on social media and they're like, whatever, but. Definitely search out and check out a couple other places, some really cool and really clean. Nice. This one professional right. 


Derek [00:41:44] Out of nowhere. 


Missy [00:41:45] And dispensaries all over Vegas weekly. 


Derek [00:41:48] Is actually a pretty good app. 


Missy [00:41:49] Uh, that's what I'm saying to use. Definitely. L y expand your searches, you know? Oh, my God, you're dead yet. Leave or I'll. 


Derek [00:41:59] Tell you where all the dispensaries are, and a lot of them have delivery and it's free. 


Missy [00:42:04] And it's all connected on the end. 


Derek [00:42:06] They're open 24 seven. 


Missy [00:42:07] Yeah, but it's all connected on the app like that too, right. 


Derek [00:42:11] Yeah. But sometimes you get check the old school computer because I tried to order from the fuck was it. I can't remember. They had some deal and I went, Oh no, I needed delivery. It was Sunday. I'm like, Don't fucking deliver out here. And so I go on the app in the dispensary order from I can't remember who it was. Didn't give me the option, but then I went on the computer old school and you could do it. 


Missy [00:42:33] Okay. 


Derek [00:42:34] So you can just not fuck around with it sometimes, but you can actually sign up for your favorite dispensaries. Like, I get a text from Oasis every morning with all the deals and everything going on and a couple other places too. 


Missy [00:42:44] So yeah, so I, I want to jump in here and throw out because as you were talking, I was in my area, you're calling it. Oh, yeah, I know that. 


Derek [00:42:57] That's a behind me too. 


Missy [00:42:58] I know. Super pumped. We have apparel, nothing crazy. Just some hats with our logo on it. Representing, you know who you guys are as a pothead parent or as an ally or you know. 


Derek [00:43:14] These are actually helping us have some picky is shit about hats. I will only wear flex fat. I got a fat noggin. So right now we got. 


Missy [00:43:22] These. 


Derek [00:43:22] When large and extra large we've got the blacked out in small and medium and then we have them coming in different sizes. And then I might be working on a camouflage hat that I didn't even tell Missy about for vets. Um, but yeah, these are the green ones. I've worn this every day, and a lot of people love those. But yeah, these are the two hats and then the t shirts as well. 


Missy [00:43:40] Yeah, we have a bunch of t shirts. We didn't wear the t shirts today, but I'm I do want to add this and we're I'm so excited about this because it means like it's all official and everything, but we are finally with the last prisoner project. So when you guys get to order anything from us or you can actually just go right on and donate through our site to the last prisoner project. I am. Any little bit helps you can you know round up to the next dollar at like whatever you want to do you can go right on ahead parent dot com and help us out to help out last prisoner project if you're not familiar with them they are a huge organization that is nonprofit and they go out of their way to try and get anyone that's been wrongfully convicted and in jail for cannabis charges of any. 


Derek [00:44:47] Sort recently, too. 


Missy [00:44:48] Right. So, I mean, to be able to help them out, like we've said in the past, cannabis is medicine to us in our house. And for it to have provided food on the table for some families and then, you know, be destroying a family by taking someone away for just wanting to provide for their family or whatever it was that they were trying to do. I mean, they were allowed to to it's the people's families. Like it's I don't know. They're saying how disturbing it. 


Derek [00:45:24] Is that what's their faces in prison overseas? Oh, it's so disturbing. She's in jail for cannabis. She needs to get out. Okay, I completely agree. Yeah, we probably are not going to. 


Missy [00:45:34] Turn for something like this, but I'm never. 


Derek [00:45:36] Going to get political on this because I don't care. Yeah, but how about you get the fucking people out of jail there in your country if you think that it's stupid? She's in jail for weed. Yeah. Just fucking throw that out there. Oh, how about we legalize weed, like you said? 


Missy [00:45:49] I mean, don't get me wrong, she needs to come out, too, but there's so much it just gets so political on that. On that. You're right. Like, oh, and. 


Derek [00:45:57] Just what's his face? His daughter in law use Secret Service to go to a dispensary. 


Missy [00:46:02] Oh, my gosh. 


Derek [00:46:03] It's like, oh, disappearing here in a couple of weeks. 


Missy [00:46:05] Because no way. Stop. I would really like to have. Yeah, enough done. So I'll go back to it like, is that going on. 


Derek [00:46:15] Oh we got the, we got the Bills game. Yeah. Thursday. Yeah, yeah. UFC fight Friday. 


Missy [00:46:21] Yeah. 


Derek [00:46:21] My old school boy, Nate Diaz. Not the favorite to win, but he's an old school fucking fighter. And then we've got, uh, the 22nd. 


Missy [00:46:33] Yeah. We're going to be at the Pop Brothers at LA. Right? Correct. Yeah. Yeah. 


Derek [00:46:39] So they wanted us on their podcast. It just started, I think, a couple of months ago. 


Missy [00:46:43] Yeah, they're doing a live podcast. You've been invited for that. So we're really, really, really excited for them. 


Derek [00:46:49] To check them out. They're pretty funny. It's Marcus. Craig Wiseman. You're a total stoners, I think. Yeah, they could definitely out smoke us. I know he can. And that's 100%. 


Missy [00:46:59] I mean, maybe not on her. 


Derek [00:47:00] I mean, all that. They'll go for it, but they're actually cannabis lawyers. 


Missy [00:47:05] Just shut the. 


Derek [00:47:06] Fuck up and I wonder if I can do their script. 


Missy [00:47:08] I want to hear it. 


Derek [00:47:09] Why did you pull me over and not discussing my day, my being detained, or my free to go? I invoke the fifth and you shut the fuck up. Boom! 


Missy [00:47:17] Hey! Hey. 


Derek [00:47:19] Appreciate that one. That's the first time I did that one out loud. But now they educate their lawyers if you get in trouble and also the, uh, educate people on what to do if you get pulled over in your car. Even smells like weed, whether you were smoking or not. Yeah, pretty much everything to do. But there's super cool pot brothers at law and the pothead parents are going to get together for a podcast, so it should be pretty cool. 


Missy [00:47:41] I'm super, super, super excited about that. 


Derek [00:47:44] You're going on the 22nd. I don't know when it's going to air though. 


Missy [00:47:48] Yeah. 


Derek [00:47:48] Which are more informational. 


Missy [00:47:49] Yeah. And I mean, what's to come. So if you guys noticed people were like on Instagram because I posted a couple of things, they're like, Wait a minute, I thought you guys already had a season one. We've pretty much come to a conclusion that that past situation, that past season was kind of like an introduction to all of this and what's to come on. You know, we've taken our lives cross-country, gets us closer to those that will be interviewing because I'm really excited for some of our guys that we have lined up. Yeah, I'm it allows us to go on, you know, more tours of dispensaries and grow houses and there's just more of an opportunity for us out here. So we felt as though it was a perfect situation to create season one here. Right now in a new borough, we are this area. 


Derek [00:48:48] And if you guys or if anybody like any veteran owned companies. 


Missy [00:48:52] Latino. 


Derek [00:48:52] Owned companies, small business owners. 


Missy [00:48:54] Women owned, women. 


Derek [00:48:56] Owned, anybody, if you're trying to promote. 


Missy [00:48:59] Your business or. 


Derek [00:49:00] Anything, give us a shout. And there's a lot of stuff that we have in the works right now to work with. You know, our main goal is veteran owned business on my end of it and then, you know, female and Latino owned business. But if the product makes sense to us and we love it, yeah. And you know, we would use it every day. Like we'd water, for example, here and drink this stuff forever. Didn't know this is the grapefruit CBD one. 


Missy [00:49:23] It's a12. 


Derek [00:49:24] Ratio. If you actually get too high, you can actually take some CBD. It will actually get you a little on stone, but it's actually really good and it never had the grapefruit one. Yeah, but stuff like that. If you want products down here and talk about them actually come to dispensaries. If you get a new one opening or you just want to shove us in the corner of your dispensary and just, you know, let us have our podcast there. 


Missy [00:49:42] But yeah, and then for anything like we said too, we're going to be having our subscription page on Patreon. We're still talking about throwing that shit up on Onlyfans. I want to fucking weird. Is that thong? 


Derek [00:49:55] If I could do that. 


Missy [00:49:56] I don't know. I we'll talk. Um, and then, uh. 


Derek [00:50:02] So also to hear a little shout out. 


Missy [00:50:05] For you guys. 


Derek [00:50:06] Oh 420 cleaner here. 


Missy [00:50:08] 710 So amazing over. 


Derek [00:50:10] Here it is. Actually took the other one to clean my bong but you have 710 cleaner, which is for your dab BRIGGS And then you have for 20 cleaner yeah. Which is for your bongs when I shot the camera there. But this stuff's real. Simply just shake up the whole entire thing squirted in there, shake it up, and it will literally clean. It will do some videos later on this. But this stuff I have not used this, but I have seen some videos which is great and that stuff I've been using for years, it's like a like a salt position in there. But this stuff is great. 


Missy [00:50:39] They send us a lot of stuff. Yeah, they're all now. 


Derek [00:50:41] Review the pothead missy over here is known notorious as she smiles for having. 


Missy [00:50:47] The fucking. 


Derek [00:50:47] Nastiest motor oil bong. Shut up, GROSS. That stuff will clean it. So this stuff is legitimate. 


Missy [00:50:54] I should punch you. Yeah, but they also have, like, a daily use, one that they sent us. They have their natural cleaner that they sent us the seven ton like this extra strength one. And then what's super fucking cool is they have on, you know, the caps for on top of your pieces to like hold it so that nothing comes out of each end. Buy Did you notice that those bags that they sent everything in, are there soccer bags that are reusable? I mean. Yeah. And so the bag that was like, which. 


Derek [00:51:26] I just don't do Ziploc. 


Missy [00:51:27] Bags anymore now. 


Derek [00:51:28] So you knew that was the way to do it. I just didn't know that was the official word. 


Missy [00:51:31] Yeah. So they sent us, you know, that with a couple of bags in there. So I'm pumped to be able to clean our ship because I know I'm a dickhead about it, and I need to be better. I have gotten better about it. I have gotten away from him, but it's just like, I don't know. I don't know. 


Derek [00:51:47] It's just wrong. It's fine. 


Missy [00:51:48] It's. It's a pain in the neck sometimes. I just. 


Derek [00:51:51] Like my Nana's ashtray when, you. 


Missy [00:51:52] Know. But now we have the stuff, so I think it'll make it a little bit easier. It was great. And it does. It does make it easier. I will I will say that another shout out, like I said, weed, water has been amazing to us. They sent us some of their product for us to try. They are one of our sponsors. And then also remember, they did shoot us a bunch of their pina colada boxes for September. So we're actually going to give this one away. Make sure you're following us on Instagram. 


Derek [00:52:28] We can't say give away, so we'll do something else because don't they don't like that Instagram. 


Missy [00:52:34] No, I don't fucking know. We get in trouble for it. We're still. 


Derek [00:52:36] Restricted first. 


Missy [00:52:38] Anyways, I'm. 


Derek [00:52:40] So what's in there, though? 


Missy [00:52:42] Oh, my God. Oh, yeah, sure. You want me to show it? Yeah. I don't know. I kind of want to keep it a secret and then make you guys look at it on fucking Instagram or something, but you guys probably won't even follow us anyways. I'm just kidding. Okay, wait. But like, there's they're alcohol swabs that actually are snap caps which are super convenient when cleaning. 


Derek [00:53:01] Like you snap the Q-Tip. 


Missy [00:53:03] Yep. And then the alcohol comes out, blah, blah, blah. You have. So they give you a bunch of different pieces. This one was posted up on Instagram. They have their twisted and cons California dream. These may. 


Derek [00:53:20] Not be in the box for whoever wins and. 


Missy [00:53:22] Stuff it. We have a couple other. I already have one for us. They have their bamboo cones. I do like these ones. We've been during these dinners and then there's our fucking goal. 


Derek [00:53:33] Yeah, those are nice. We're going to. We've got the orange one. 


Missy [00:53:35] The biggest. Yeah. The mango. The biggest fan of hampers quick hitters. 


Derek [00:53:41] Girls at the pool of Vegas. 


Missy [00:53:42] They're fucking epic. So what's awesome is they give you one of their hamper keepers, which actually has a spot for you to keep your weed, to grind it up, to have it, you know, whatever. Then use a quick header and these are fucking disposable. So you just start by just packing the one and grind up the. 


Derek [00:54:09] We put it in that container and then just kind of shoveled in there. 


Missy [00:54:12] It's, it's just. 


Derek [00:54:13] Super easy. 


Missy [00:54:13] Fucking heaven and gold. And what's nice is they have like this one has blueberry terrapins on it. So they're flavored, they have hemp wax, they have stickers. And it's just fun because this is one of their boxes that they do have. But, you know, the bigger the box, the bigger the bong that you get. And they're a subscription juice. Yeah, it's a subscription box. You can get one every month. You can get one every other month. There's different, you know, box. 


Derek [00:54:45] They let us go through their warehouse and we're. 


Missy [00:54:47] Like. 


Derek [00:54:48] Bong heaven. 


Missy [00:54:49] I can't wait for the door. 


Derek [00:54:50] I was like. 


Missy [00:54:51] You didn't see you didn't see it get updated. I saw it when I was there last time. Sorry, bro. 15 minutes, which is pretty cool. Yeah. 


Derek [00:54:59] So, yeah, it was like every bong they've ever made. They have. One of which was so fucking cool. 


Missy [00:55:04] Yeah, it was really nice. So they're great. They send us share all the time, so we might have to do some more giveaways and yeah. So I mean, I think that's really where we're at for tonight. 


Derek [00:55:18] Oh my God. 


Missy [00:55:18] Folks know that's funny. You know, I don't know where I could do a. 


Derek [00:55:22] Fucking play off the stage. 


Missy [00:55:24] Oh, okay, that's it. 


Derek [00:55:26] But next time. 


Missy [00:55:28] Love you all. Thank you, I.