Pothead Parent Mission

We are the Pothead Parents. We help educate and advocate for Veterans, parents and anyone looking to know more on how to use or what actually is medicinal and recreational cannabis.

Many are unclear unknowledgeable or have been hiding their curiosity of cannabis due to the Taboo that has been drilled in everyones heads. We have created a safe space for all on every social platform and through our platform using humor and real life experiences to show, educate, and prove that no matter what obstacles come into our way as parents, a couple, or just as human beings we can get through it, and we just like to share our story through cannabis and it’s revolution and evolution in our lives and will be in the lives of others.

Education does not stop there for users with us, all of our children are going to have to be spoken to as well on cannabis and educated on its benefits and risks if used improperly just like anything else that was always taboo, ie. Sex, alcohol, prescription drugs. We need to engage and start making this something that needs to be talked about, joining groups to work with and help as we learn to give our legacy dealers and growers opportunities , and understanding politics that play into the people and our plant.

Our world is on a shift, we are having the generations who choose not to change and evolve, dying off literally and we now have a new market of adults who are understanding the world isn’t as amazing as it seemed now that social media has exposed all. There is no trust in our government, education system, church, and people who were always most looked up to are now seen, as is, to their true core, allowing cannabis to be there for them but in a way that is taught properly.

With over twenty years of experience between sales, recruiting, philanthropy, marketing, health & wellness, small business ownership, as well as the desire to help all, Pothead Parent is the best option for anyone! 

We are more than a brand or a business we are a couple looking to learn and grow together in the world of cannabis to help others and engage others to start working together and network with each-other to create the genuine and necessary relationships this world needs.