Last Prisoner Project-Roll It Up For Justice

We have been living our lives as husband/wife, mom/dad, a free life as ourselves with the ability to care and love for our children and each other together as a family with cannabis in our home used and considered medicine under our roof.

Yet, there are so many individuals wrongfully convicted, and still stuck in jail, for cannabis charges that seem unfair and unjust to us and many others. We decided we want to have the ability to help the Last Prisoner Project as much as we can and will have this ongoing campaign with them, "Roll It Up For Justice."

Their Roll It Up For Justice Program is a nationwide campaign encouraging YOU, our customers, to donate to Last Prisoner Project at check out. Small change can make a big impact, and every cent raised through the program gets us closer to the day when every last cannabis prisoner is set free. Please help us help them!

Anyone fortunate enough to be profiting off of this industry has a moral obligation to give back to those still suffering due to the devastating effects of prohibition. All proceeds from the Roll It Up For Justice Program go directly back towards Last Prisoner Project clemency initiative which works to release cannabis prisoners and helping them to rebuild their lives post-incarceration.