Smoke Drop

White Rhino Diffuser Beads in Strain & Storage Bag

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  • Water pipe diffuser beads
  • Break up smoke for smoother hits
  • Includes strain-and-store bag for easy cleaning
  • Non-toxic material
  • Multiple color options
  • 500 Beads/Bag

These Diffuser Beads from White Rhino are a cool and innovative way to get smoother hits out of almost any water pipe. Made from non-toxic materials, these small beads do more than just look cool. Pour them into the bottom of your favorite water pipe and add in the water and these beads will act as an additional percolator to break up smoke and keep your water pipe cleaner by helping to scrape residue off the inside.
Cleaning is a breeze with the included strain-and-store bag! Simply pour the beads and water from your pipe into the bag and the water will flow right through and into the sink while keeping the diffuser beads contained.