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Stündenglass Tray Cloche

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Stündenglass Tray Cloche

Enhance your culinary and beverage experiences with the Stündenglass Tray Cloche. Crafted from food-safe polycarbonate with a luxurious walnut wooden tray, this cloche is designed to infuse your food or multiple beverages with the rich flavor of smoke, creating a truly unforgettable sensory experience.

Sturdy and versatile, this cloche is the perfect addition to elevate your smoking experience. The silicone hose easily attaches to the mouthpiece and the wooden base of the cloche, allowing you to effortlessly activate the Stündenglass to generate smoke. Simply rotate to push the smoke into the cloche, enveloping your food or beverages with delightful flavor and aroma.

The inside globe boasts a height of about 7.5" and a circumference of just over 11", making it ideal for a plate of food or infusing multiple beverages at once. Transform ordinary meals and drinks into extraordinary culinary creations with the Stündenglass Tray Cloche.

*Stündenglass Gravity Infuser not included.