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Stündenglass Gravity infuser Provisions Woodchips - Mesquite (4oz)

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Stündenglass Gravity Infuser Provisions Woodchips - Mesquite (4oz)

Enhance the flavor profile of your culinary creations with the Stündenglass Gravity Infuser Provisions Mesquite Woodchips. Crafted from 100% natural kiln dried raw Mesquite, these woodchips offer a rich and authentic smoke flavor and aroma, perfect for elevating your food and beverages.

  • 100% natural kiln dried raw Mesquite woodchips
  • Add natural smoke flavor and aroma to food and beverages
  • Great for cold smoking meat, cheese, vegetables, and classic cocktails
  • Extra-fine wood chips ignite quickly for easy use

With these woodchips, cold smoking your favorite ingredients becomes effortless. Simply add the woodchips to your bowl, ignite, and rotate to instantly infuse your creations with the delectable Mesquite smoke. Elevate your culinary masterpieces with the distinctive flavor and aroma of Mesquite woodchips.