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Rosewood Grinder by Vitae Glass

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Designed with you in mind

Let's face it: you're the kind of person who likes to do things right. And that's why we created the Rosewood grinder. The all natural Rosewood exterior makes this grinder look like something out of a dream. A true delight to hold in the hands, and the Rosegold interior complements the exterior perfectly.

Our extra sharp blades allow you to grind your herbs exactly how you want them. Plus, at just 3 inches tall, it's easy to carry around with you wherever your adventures take you!  

The best part? This grinder matches all Vitae sets! So whether you've got the 16” Voyager or 23” Trinity, this grinder will look as good as new when paired up with one of our pipes or bongs.


4 x Piece Rosewood Grinder
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Scoop
12 Month warranty on blades and magnets


Technical Specs

Height: 57—- mm / 3.14”
Diameter: 66—- mm / 2.5”

Natural Rosewood Exterior
Rosegold Interior Aluminum alloy
Strong Neodymium magnets

Care and Maintenance

To ensure optimal grinding performance, clean regularly or whenever blades start to get sticky.

  • Sections with wood should be handled with care when cleaning. Use a brush and some ISO to clean along the inside. Wipe dry immediately to avoid damage to the wood.
  • The main blade can be soaked in ISO for 10-15mins and rinsed for a easy clean.
  • Exterior - wipe with damp cloth and coat with wood oil/beeswax (optional) afterwards for a shiny sheen. Never soak your wood sections. Doing so may damage them.