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Rock Legends Jimi Hendrix - 12" Water Bubbler -1 Count-(Various Designs)

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Famous Brandz has launched a new collection called Rock Legends, that features and celebrates a selection of iconic musicians in musical history. The Jimi Love Ice Bong is a solid, 5mm thick borosilicate glass beaker ice bong that measures 12 inches in height and pays homage to the late, legendary and amazingly talented singer and guitarist.
This show-stopping ice bong comes equipped with a stable beaker base, an 18mm ground joint, an inside-cut 14mm slitted diffuser, a 14mm male herb bowl, ice notches and a rimmed mouthpiece. The slitted diffuser effortlessly breaks up the bubbly smoke providing important cooling, filtration and diffusion to your hits. The conical shaped herb bowl can hold a good amount of dry herb and comes with a roll stopper style arm for easy and safe removal. The Jimi Love has ice notches in its tube that enable you place a few ice cubes in the bong to cool the smoke as it passes them.


• High-quality borosilicate glass
• Beaker base design
• 18 mm ground joint
• Inside-cut 14mm slitted diffuser
• Ideal downstem length: 5.5 inches
• 14mm male herb bowl with handle
• Rimmed mouthpiece
• Black glass accents on mouthpiece and bowl
• Ice notches