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Her Highness Pleasure Oil Orgasm Intensifier

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Make your romance novel fantasy a reality with a little help from Her Highness' ultra-premium, hemp-derived CBD Pleasure Oil. Not a lube, our Pleasure Oil is an orgasm intensifier, enhancing your climax with longer, stronger, more dispersive orgasms. Non-psychoactive CBD promotes muscle relaxation creating orgasmic magic when combined with a touch of Delta 8, for increased blood flow, and a South American medicinal plant extract known for it's pulsating and salivating effect -- AKA wetness. Put these botanical powerhouses together in a base of extra virgin olive oil, and you can guess what that means for your nether regions. We worked with a professional female herbalist to concoct the most powerful sex topical women can buy and tested it (many, many times) to make sure it’s legit.