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OOZE Cranium Silicone Water Bubbler & Concentrate - Various Colors (1 Count)

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  • 4-in-1 hybrid piece caters to any way you’re looking to indulge. Use it fully-assembled as either a bong or a dab rig - we include our new and improved 90° banger and Armor Bowl
  • Insert either into the down stem arm that acts as the power source for this gadget. 
  • Inhale to draw smoke into the dual glass chambers, where it ultimately collects in the top of the Cranium.

  • Pull the mouthpiece out and connect the titanium nail stored under the down stem to form your Concentrate collector. You can find a small, matching silicone stash jar under the base of the Cranium
  • Store your dabs here and load them into the small glass bowl to dab out of the Concentrate collector

    Available in colors: Aqua Teal, Scarlet, Ultra Purple, Chameleon and Rasta

    • 1 Count