Smoke Drop

Ongrok Cone Loader

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QUICK FILLS | Add a small amount of herb to your cone and tamp down with the packing stick provided. Repeat until your ideal fill size is reached. Achieve pro-quality cones each time.

EASY TO USE & FUSS FREE | This device allows all consumers to fill up pre-rolled cones with ease. Perfect for those with arthritis or who have neither the time nor desire to roll. 

FITS MOST LEADING BRANDS | This device is engineered to fit the 1 ¼ or King-Sized cones produced by leading brands

INTEGRATED MEASURING GUIDE | The integrated measuring guide is perfect for filling pre-roll cones to the exact measurement.

RISK-FREE GUARANTEE | At ONGROK, we bring you the best service and products possible. Reach out to us online if you’re ever dissatisfied, and we'll make things right!