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MJ Arsenal Reclaim / Dry Ash Catcher

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MJ Arsenal Reclaim / Dry Ash Catcher

Upgrade your dab rig with the MJ Arsenal Reclaim / Dry Ash Catcher, a hand-crafted accessory made from 100% borosilicate glass known for its exceptional performance and cleanliness.

  • Dual Functionality: This innovative accessory captures resin and ash, preventing clogs in your rig and reducing the frequency of cleaning.
  • Removable Insert: The 18mm to 10mm insert is easily detachable, allowing for various size quartz options, and enabling hassle-free reloading of reclaimed oil on the go.
  • Efficient Recycling: As a reclaim catcher, it collects leftover oil after dabbing, keeping your rig clean and the reclaim ready for reuse. The detachable cup facilitates easy collection and recycling of these substances.
  • Enhanced Performance: As an ash catcher, it traps byproducts before they enter your dab rig, adds extra water filtration to cool down the smoke, and safeguards your rig from heat damage.

Dimensions: 2.5in x 2.25in x 1.5in

What’s in the box: Reclaim / Dry Ash Catcher, 18mm to 10mm insert

Best rigs to use with the MJA Reclaim / Dry Ash Catcher: Titan, Ursa, Apollo, and Gemini

TIP: To prevent tipping with some mini rigs, position the catcher closer to the rig to distribute the weight more evenly.

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