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MJ Arsenal Gemini Mini Dab Rig

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MJ Arsenal Gemini Mini Dab Rig

Introducing the MJ Arsenal Gemini Mini Dab Rig - a portable powerhouse designed to elevate your dabbing experience to new heights. Crafted as a nod to NASA's space program, this sleek piece boasts a captivating double ball design and an inverted cone base, all meticulously constructed from durable borosilicate glass.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Filtration: The double ball design ensures exceptional vapor filtration, delivering a velvety smooth draw every time.
  • Durable Construction: Expertly blown from borosilicate glass, this rig is not only stable but also built to withstand the test of time.
  • Innovative Features: Enjoy an inverted cone base for maximum terpene preservation, a splash guard for added comfort, and an oil catch to maintain water cleanliness.
  • Optimal Flavor: The percolator within the rig cools each dab, allowing you to savor the nuanced flavors of your concentrates.
  • Functional Design: With ergonomic shaping, an angled mouthpiece, and the double ball for a comfortable grip and balanced filtration, the Gemini Mini is as practical as it is stylish.

The MJ Arsenal Gemini Mini Dab Rig is a must-have for dabbing enthusiasts who demand quality vapor and thick clouds in a compact, sturdy package. Its portable size and robust build make it the perfect companion for on-the-go sessions. Elevate your dab game with this innovative rig that promises clean, flavorful draws with every use. Experience the next evolutionary step in dab rig design - get your MJ Arsenal Gemini Mini Rig today!