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MJ Arsenal Cache Bong

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MJ Arsenal Cache Bong

Experience the perfect blend of tradition and innovation with the MJ Arsenal Cache Bong. This mini bong takes inspiration from classic Southeast Asian pipes but adds modern features to elevate your smoking ritual.

  • Smart Design: The Cache Bong includes a storage jar attached to the base, allowing you to grind, store, and pour your herbs effortlessly. Keep your flower fresh and ready for use whenever you desire.
  • Multi-Functional: Not just a bong, the Cache offers a versatile solution for storing and accessing your favorite strain, ensuring convenience and accessibility.
  • Premium Quality: Crafted from 100% Borosilicate Glass, the Cache Bong combines durability with elegance for a sophisticated smoking experience.
  • Convenient Size: With dimensions of 7in x 4.75in x 4in, this mini bong is compact yet powerful, ideal for personal sessions or sharing with friends.

Enhance your smoking sessions with the Cache Mini Bong, where functionality meets style seamlessly. Elevate your smoking experience to new heights with this innovative and practical piece.

What’s in the box: Cache Bong, 10mm Cache Bowl, Cork.
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