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Mdrn Mood 3pack - Mixed Variety Bag (18ct)

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Mdrn Mood 3pack - Mixed Variety Bag (18ct)

The Mdrn Mood 3pack Mixed Variety Bag is the perfect sampler to explore the different strengths of MDRN MOOD without breaking the bank. With "Dosed With Purpose" gummies in varying strengths, this bundle deal allows you to sample all of their desired effects. The pack includes:

  • 1 x 6ct Blueberry Lemonade 50mg CBD / 10mg THC
  • 1 x 6ct Cherry Pineapple 25mg CBD / 5mg THC
  • 1 x 6ct Watermelon 25mg CBD / 2mg THC

Delta 9-THC is known for calming and euphoric effects, often resulting in a relaxed state of mind. The gummies are 100% Vegan and produced in a GMP-certified lab. Additionally, the ingredients include Tapioca syrup, Sugar, Water, Citrus Pectin, Natural Flavor and Color, Citric Acid, CBD (Hemp Extract), Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol (Hemp Extract), and Malic Acid. It's recommended to start with 1/2 of a gummy and wait 45 minutes before taking more. Not sure which MG to start with? Contact us for help.

Get "Social" with a 2mg microdose, get "Lifted" with a 5mg gummy, or "Elevate" with a 10mg gummy. Find your perfect match with MDRN MOOD!