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Marley One One Mind Mushroom Tincture 1 oz

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Improves Focus & Cognitive Function

Enjoy brain boosting benefits and an improved sense of calm with One Mind.

A wonderful morning, afternoon, or evening pick-me-up, restore mental alertness with this focus and cognitive improving tincture. Crafted from Lion’s Mane mushroom extract and Ginkgo Biloba, these two time honored ingredients are both beloved for their anti-inflammatory and circulation properties that lead to reduction in mental stress.

To use: Shake well before use. 1 dropper held under the tongue for 60 seconds, or added to your favorite foods or beverages

Ingredients: MCT oil, purified water, Lions Mane, L-Theanine, Ginko Biloba, caffeine, ethanol, Sunflower lecithin, artificial and natural flavoring. Coffee flavored.

Made of 100% natural ingredients

Lion's Mane mushroom-based with ginkgo biloba

Supports brain function



Made in --GMP Facility

No synthetic or artificial colors

Night shade free