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Libbey 12.25oz Display Jar with Lid

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  • Libbey
  • Diameter of jar = 3.4375 in.
  • Height of jar = 3.75 in.
  • Cap diameter = 3.5 in.
  • Libbey Jar Dimensions  

Beautiful Display Jar

This multi-functional product has many amazing uses, and is sure to be very appealing to creative minded people. Those who experiment with candle making will definitely love the option of buying a jar with a lid that allows them to display their beautiful creations proudly in their living space or office. Alternatively, these jars can also be utilized by various dispensaries to showcase their products to different customers and allow them to see their stock with great ease.

Chic, Sleek and Sophisticated? Sounds Like a Dream Come True!

This incredibly eye-catching candle jar is crafted to perfection and designed with great care. Packaged alongside the lid, this glass display jar is a marvel to look at. The sheer elegance of this product makes it a stunning addition to any interior décor setting within your home if it has scented candles on display inside it. Using it to store herbs will definitely have its merits, as this kind of packaging will surely elevate the overall look of the product. There are many little things that you can do to ensure customers will choose your dispensary to purchase their cannabis, and packaging your products perfectly is the first step. Potential buyers are sure to be amazed at the sleek look of your display jars.