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LEVO Accessories

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Upgrade Your Infusion Experience with LEVO Accessories

  • Potency Pod Features:
    • Potency Pod compatible with LEVO II (2) and LEVO Lux ONLY
    • Holds up to a whopping ounce of flower
    • Dishwasher safe stainless-steel pod exterior and silicone insert
    • Includes One (1) silicone circle pod protector
  • Power Pod Features:
    • Power Pod compatible with LEVO II (2) and LEVO Lux ONLY
    • Holds up to half a cup of dry ingredients
    • Self-straining stainless steel pod exterior for easy and mess-free infusing
    • Includes One (1) silicone Pod Protector

Say goodbye to limitations with the LEVO Accessories that elevate your infusion game. The Potency Pod offers increased capacity, allowing you to infuse up to four times more than the standard pod. Explore new possibilities and efficiency in your infusions with this innovative accessory.

The Power Pod, on the other hand, lets you effortlessly infuse fresh herbs into oils and butter. Its self-straining design ensures a mess-free process, while holding up to half a cup of dry ingredients. For enhanced potency, consider using two Power Pods simultaneously to unlock new levels of creativity in your infusing journey.