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Lemonade Tincture - 2000mg

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Yellow CBD Happiness Tincture | Lemonade Flavor | 2000mg 

There’s a new name in self-care – her name is Yellow CBD. Compliment a relaxing evening of Netflix and snacks, enhance your next candlelit bubble bath, and elevate your morning mood with full-spectrum CBD oil. Our Happiness tincture is the perfect pick-me-up for days when you just need a little extra joy. 

What are CBD Tinctures?

The term CBD tincture is often used interchangeably with CBD and hemp oil. However, the two are actually a bit different. While oils are made by suspending CBD in carrier oils, like olive or coconut oil, tinctures are made by soaking cannabis in alcohol. 

Our CBD lemonade tincture is made of pure full-spectrum CBD that boasts a range of properties that are being researched for their role in promoting optimal hormonal and emotional balance. When used responsibly, CBD tinctures may help your mind remain calm and clear. 

Put simply, our Happiness tincture lives up to its name. 

Say Hello to Yellow | CBD Products Reimagined 

Yellow CBD is the premier line of innovative and effective CBD products. We incorporated with one shared mission: to reimagine what transparency and results mean in the holistic healing industry. 

When you order from us, you always receive the highest-quality CBD tinctures, beauty products, topical treatments, and more. Our hemp oil is derived from domestically grown cannabis and put through a strict internal quality control process to ensure you always receive the purest pharmaceutical grade CBD on the market.  

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Happiness is Just a Drop Away 

Our 2000 mg Happiness lemonade CBD tincture is safe for everyday use and made from pure and powerful ingredients. Unlock your inner exuberance naturally when you add CBD oil to your daily wellness routine. 

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