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LA Pipes Thick Glass Straight Showerhead Perc Bong

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Looking for a waterpipe with excellent filtration? Look no further than our range of single, double, or triple showerhead perc straight waterpipes. These handmade beauties come all the way from Los Angeles and feature top-notch craftsmanship. The shower head aka UFO percolators ensure great airflow and provide a smoother smoking experience compared to other styles. Cleaning is a breeze too!

LA Pipes waterpipes are made in the USA and proudly display the LA Pipes decal as well as a Made in USA stamp on the glass. We use heavy wall 50mm diameter tubing with 5mm wall thickness for durability, along with ground glass-on-glass fittings for that perfect fit.

The 6-slit diffusion guarantees optimal smoke dispersion while the ice-pinch allows you to add ice cubes for cooler hits that are gentler on your mouth and throat.

Cleaning is made easy thanks to the removable down-stem, making maintenance hassle-free. Plus, our flared and gathered mouthpiece adds comfort and ensures long-lasting durability.

Each one of our waterpipes is handcrafted with care in Los Angeles, California - ensuring you receive only the best quality products.

  • 17 inch tall (approximate) - Single perc
  • 20 inch tall (approximate) - Double perc
  • 24 inch tall (approximate) - Triple perc
  • 45° ground 18mm female joint
  • 50mm diameter tubing with 5mm heavy-wall thickness
  • Comes with 14mm male bowl (bowl style may vary)
  • Comes with Diffused 18mm/14mm down-stem
  • Ice pinch
  • For dry herbs (can be converted for concentrates)
  • Handmade in the USA (Los Angeles California)