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LA Pipes Single or Double Showerhead Perc Classic Straight

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Introducing the 12 or 14-inch tall waterpipe, also known as a bong, with a single or double showerhead perc. This classic and timeless design has been upgraded with percolators to provide better filtration. Showerhead percs are renowned for their excellent diffusion capabilities, durability compared to tree percs, and easy cleaning process.

Crafted using heavy wall 34mm tubing and featuring a beaker base, this waterpipe is built to last. The ground glass-on-glass fittings ensure a secure connection. Equipped with a 6-slit diffusion system and glass bowl, it delivers smooth hits every time.

One of the standout features of this waterpipe is the ice-pinch that allows you to add ice for cooler smoke which is gentler on your mouth and throat. Thanks to its removable down-stem, cleaning becomes effortless while transportation becomes hassle-free.

Designed for ultimate comfort and resilience, the flared and gathered mouthpiece ensures an enjoyable smoking experience. Whether you're looking for an everyday companion at home or need something portable for your travels or camping trips, this series of bongs by LA Pipes has got you covered.

Handmade with care in Los Angeles, California by LA Pipes themselves - making it an exceptional choice for smokers everywhere who appreciate quality craftsmanship.

  • 12 inch tall (approximate) - Single perc
  • 14 inch tall (approximate) - Double perc
  • 45° ground 18mm female joint
  • 34mm diameter tubing with heavy-wall thickness
  • Comes with 14mm male bowl (bowl style may vary)
  • Comes with Diffused 18mm/14mm down-stem
  • Ice pinch
  • For dry herbs (can be converted of concentrates)
  • Handmade in the USA (Los Angeles California)