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LA Pipes "Bazooka" Heavy 9mm Glass Bong

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Experience the power and precision of the LA Pipes 'Bazooka' Heavy 9mm Glass Bong. Standing tall at 16-18 inches, this American-made masterpiece is built to impress. Crafted with 9mm heavy-wall thickness and a sturdy 50mm diameter tubing, it delivers unmatched durability and a smooth smoking experience. The 45° ground 18mm female joint ensures a secure connection, while the included diffused down-stem enhances filtration for cleaner hits. With an ice pinch for extra cooling and the ability to convert for concentrates, this bong caters to all your herbal needs.

Each piece is handmade in Los Angeles, California, showcasing the quality and craftsmanship that LA Pipes is known for. If you're looking for something shorter, check out the 9mm 10-inch version of this beaker pipe.

  • Handcrafted with care in Los Angeles, California
  • 16-18 inch tall (approximate)
  • 45° ground 18mm female joint
  • 50mm diameter tubing with 9mm heavy-wall thickness
  • Comes with 14mm male bowl (bowl style may vary)
  • Comes with Diffused 18mm/14mm down-stem
  • Ice pinch for extra cooling
  • For dry herbs (can be converted for concentrates)
  • Handmade in the USA (Los Angeles, California)