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Jewel sophisticated bongs by My Bud Vase

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Jewel is an exquisite collection of diamond-patterned glass decanters, perfect for illuminating any sacred ritual.

Enhance your consumption lounge or living room with this shimmering selection of elegant gems, and create a magical ambience with the captivating glow of their colorful glass. Enhance your experience with the accompanying large bowl, fixed downstem and satin care kit, and bask in the exclusive vibes of your very own Jewel.

Whether at a consumption lounge--or lounging at home consuming--any one (or all three, wink) of these precious Jewels are set to bedazzle the scene and create a whole new vibe.

Included with your Jewel My Bud Vase®

•  Jewel diamond-patterned glass decanter with topper - H: 12.5 inches with topper W: 5 inches
•  Custom large matching bowl & 6 inch fixed downstem
•  My Bud Vase® cloisonne logo poker
•  Satin Care Kit with Certificate of Authenticity