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Hemper 13" Dankenstein XL Bong - (1 Count)

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The Dankenstein XL bong is part of Hemper’s exlusive limited edition XL pieces. 

Handmade with care and excellence using borosilicate glass to ensure quality craftsmanship with each and every piece. Sacrifice nothing and elevate the ordinary with this beautiful double percolator bong. This XL bong not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also rips like a champ. 

Highly recommended to spook up your next cyph.


  • 13 in. Tall
  • 4 in. Diameter Base
  • Dankenstein Head Top Chamber with Glow in the Dark Bolts
  • Black Heart Splash Guard
  • Double Percolator; Showerhead Percolator to Dome Percolator
  • Eyeball Bowl

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