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Flux Water Pipe

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Flux Water Pipe

Experience the future of smoking with The Flux, the world's first portable plasma water pipe! This innovative piece combines the functionality of a traditional water pipe with the mesmerizing aesthetic of a plasma light show. It's a conversation starter that will light up any event or solo session.

  • Features a glass housing for a captivating plasma light show
  • Connects to a glass test-tube down stem chamber for a clean, smooth hit
  • Comes with both curved and straight mouthpieces to suit your mood
  • Easily rechargeable via micro USB for on-the-go use
  • Made of quality glass and silicone materials for durability
  • Can be transformed into a plasma hookah with the Hookah Accessory Add-on Package (coming soon)

The Flux includes everything you need to enjoy its unique features:

  • Portable plasma water pipe base
  • Micro USB charging cord
  • 2 hand-blown mouthpieces (curved and straight)
  • 14MM Glass Bowl piece
  • 18650 Batteries (included)

Not sure how to set it up? Watch the Flux assembly video for easy instructions.