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Famous Brandz - 12" Aquarius - Water Bubbler (1 Count)

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Famous Brandz launched a new collection that includes six epic pieces: two dab rigs and four water pipes, all equipped with their own colorful or futuristic design. All of the pieces in this eye-catching collection are handcrafted from thick borosilicate glass that is able to withstand the test of time, delivered in their own matching custom box.
Part of this stunning collection is Aquarius, featuring wild shapes, patterns and a fun, unique color palette on the water pipe and matching colored star design on the bottom of the rounded beaker base. This stunning piece is a real eye catcher. Straight neck designs involve a neck branching vertically up into the mouthpiece from the chamber. They allow smoke or vapor to travel directly up to the mouthpiece

• 12" Water Pipe
• UFO percolator
• Includes Male 14.5mm Herb Bowl
• Comes with FREE Down stem and Herb Bowl