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Easy Valve Filling Chamber Reducer

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Easy Valve Filling Chamber Reducer

STORZ & BICKEL CHAMBER REDUCER - The Easy Valve Filling Chamber Reducer is designed to allow for smaller amounts to be loaded into the Volcano vaporizer (Easy Valve only). Please note that this product is not compatible with the Volcano Hybrid.

COMPATIBILITY - The filling chamber Reducer is specifically designed for use with the Easy Valve system. It is important to note that the Crafty and Mighty vaporizers do not require the reducer, as the Capsules fit them perfectly.

EASE OF USE - Simply place the Reducer in your Easy Valve filling chamber, then insert the Capsule, and use the vaporizer as you normally would. This allows for efficient and convenient loading of smaller amounts.

MAINTENANCE - In case of build-up, the reducer can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol. Additionally, it can be replaced with a fresh Capsule as needed, ensuring continued optimal performance.

INCLUDED IN THE BOX - 1x Easy Valve Filling Chamber Reducer