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Borealis 14.25" Beaker Bong

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Borealis 14.25" Beaker Bong

Experience elegance and functionality with the Borealis 14.25" Beaker Bong from Canada Puffin. This stunning piece features:

  • A hybrid beaker and globe design
  • A sturdy 6.4" integrated magnetic base
  • High-grade, heat-resistant, 5mm borosilicate glass and authentic Canadian-grown Maple wood

Superior Filtration: Enjoy a smooth smoking experience with a showerhead percolator and an ice catcher, featuring a 40mm wide mouth opening for full-size ice cubes.

Easy to Clean: The maple wood base, wood cuff, glass mouthpiece, glass bowl, and downstem are easily removable for effortless cleaning.

Unique and One-of-a-Kind: Each piece is handcrafted, resulting in slight variances in shape, color, wood pattern, and engraving, making every bong unique.

Package: The Borealis Beaker Bong is packaged in a corrugate box for added protection.