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Bong Base Bumper Coin Battery 3in-4.25in Bases Silicone Fits Variety of Shapes

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Glow Guard Silicone Base Bumper

Protect your glass water pipes and martini glasses with the innovative Glow Guard Silicone Base Bumper Sleeve. Its snug fit prevents accidental breakage when placing it down too hard, and the added LED changing light brings some extra party to your sesh!

  • Designed to fit glass water pipes or martini glasses with bases between 3 inches and 4.25 inches
  • High-quality silicone material with stretch capability up to 1.25 inches
  • 6 color LED changing light: Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Turquoise, Green
  • Water-resistant LEDs with about 25 hours of continuous charge
  • Can be used for both water pipes and cocktail or wine glasses

Features and Benefits:

  • High UV protection resulting in minimum color change from sun exposure
  • Significantly better flame resistance than rubber (up to 400 degrees)
  • Illuminate your glass water pipe with color-changing LEDs
  • Dual-purpose use for both water pipes and cocktail or wine glasses

Sizing: Fits bases between 3 inches and 4.25 inches

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Why Buy From Glow Guard?

Glow Guard aims to make smoke sessions easier, safer, and more fun with our high-quality silicone products. Our silicone base bumper is durable, long-lasting, and a multi-purpose solution for glass protection and LED illumination.