Smoke Drop

9" Beaker Style Perc With 14mm Flower Bowl - Color May Vary - (1 Count)

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Description :

MJ Wholesale offers a 9" Beaker Style Perc. Designed from top to bottom using borosilicate glass this dab rig features a wide base, skinny neck, and flared mouthpiece all designed to create an enjoyable dabbing experience. This classic style dab rig has a 14mm male joint and includes an angled female 14mm glass dome. Concentrate smoke is filtered through a showerhead perc made of vibrant colored glass nested within a second turbine style perc made of clear glass. The beaker's skinny neck acts as a natural splashguard to protect you from splash back while smoking, and the flared mouthpiece makes an airtight seal easily achievable.


• High Quality Borosilicate Glass
• Colored Glass
• Beaker style perc
• Flared Mouthpiece
• Straight colored Neck
• Color may vary