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8" Pineapple Telescope Bubbler - Color May Vary - (1 Count)

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Description :

The Pineapple Telescope bubbler is a unique and breathtaking spin on a classic. Lots of bongs are shaped like pineapples, but no bong is this intricate and clear. Each individual flower is crafted with engaging textures and eye-popping detail topped off with beautiful leaves. The Pineapple telescope bubbler is 8 Inches and has a wide, stable base, making it the ideal coffee table bong. It comes with both a bowl and a banger, allowing the bong to double as a dab rig. The bowl is 14mm compatible and the banger is 4mm compatible.


• the Height of bubbler is 8 inches
• 100% borosilicate glass
• Highest quality materials
• 1 Count
• Color may vary from photo