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7" G&G Puff Water Pipe & Banger - Yellow (1 Count, 3 Count OR 6 Count)

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This water pipe is engraved with unique designs at its wide base. Made out of clear borosilicate glass, this bong comes with a 14 male herb bowl with a handle to avoid burnt fingers. As it is attached with a banger, you are able to enjoy concentrates. Also, with a stable base you won't have to worry about breaking this small sized water bubbler. Designed to put the fun in functional, there’s never a dull moment when they’re around. Featuring custom illustrations and unique colorways they’ll provide you with a non-stop party. Enjoy your smoke!


• 14mm male bowl
• Diffused accented downstem
• High quality borosilicate glass
• Color may vary from photo
• 1 count, 3 count, 6 count