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4" Premium Holding Squirrel Design Water Bubbler - Color May Vary - (1 Count)

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Have you ever looked out your window and thought to yourself, " I really wish I could smoke out of that tree the neighborhood squirrel lives in”? Well, we have answered your stoner prayers! This Premium Squirrel Holding a Nut Design Water Bubbler stands 4 Inches in Height. High quality, and colorful throughout, this simple yet detailed the bubbler is an adorable addition to any smoker’s collection. Take it out under that tree and enjoy a sesh, maybe the squirrel will join you.
You ever wanted to suck smoke out of a squirrel's tail? Well, we got it anyway, this pipe is sure to become a novelty among your smoking devices. It has a unique abstract design and it's the perfect size for easy transportation. Standing Base.


• The bubbler is 4 Inches in Height
• Unique abstract design on hand pipe
• Perfect size for easy transportation
• This bubbler contains thick glass which increases its durability and longevity
• Bent neck designs offer aesthetic and functional qualities.
• This pipe features a deep bowl to allow for a large amount of dry herbs
• Standing Base
• Glass color may vary from photo