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3" Giddy Glass Ashtray - Yummy - (6 Count Display)

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These glass ashtrays make the perfect statement piece when you're ready for a smoke. Explore all our Giddy designs and pick which one (or more) match your aesthetic! Giddy glass ashtray by Ugly House. The 3-notch design allows you to share a smoke sesh with your 2 favorite friends. Giddy’s glass ashtray has a total of six pieces and three styles, each with a rich pattern and details, pattern color scheme is very harmonious, no abrupt color and claptrap, show your taste. Each glass ashtray, like the rest of the Giddy ashtray collection, has three blunt holder slots. This mini ashtray is small in size but deep enough to accommodate your ash, and it comes in lovely packaging, making it an excellent gift for friends.


• The size of ashtray is 3" x 3" x 1" Deep
• 3 indents to hold your smoke when you need a break
• 6 Count
• The ashtray has assorted designs
• This Ashtray is endlessly reusable
• The ashtray is easy to clean
• Heavy glass ashtray
• The Ashtray is made with high quality glass