Smoke Drop

14.5" Heavy Rainbow Reflection Ice Catcher Beaker Bubbler - Color May Vary - (1 Count)

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Description :

The Rainbow Reflection ice catcher Bong is an innovative water pipe that takes a classic design and gives it a new twist. It measures 14.5 inches tall and has a large chamber to fill with a potent herb hit. The body also includes an ice catcher, which adds a refreshing breeze to every smooth hit.
The water pipe is a show-stopper, finished with an iridescent kaleidoscope of purple and gold undertones. When not in use, you can display it and then bring it out for an artistic smoke sesh with friends. Its reflective rainbow design is one-of-a-kind and unlike anything else on the market.


• The ice catcher bong is 14.5" Height
• Beaker Base
• 14mm Male Bowl
• Downstem and Bowl Included
• Color may vary based on availability